8 Tricks to Decorate your Counter for Christmas

Besides all the Christmas activities like a gift exchange, making handicrafts or wishes cards, and living room decoration you do every single year, you can do more than that for your family. Your parents would be more than surprised to see what you can do with the messy kitchen.
Decorating your kitchen countertop together is an exciting and joyous idea too to deepen the relationship bond with your siblings who only come back once a year for this festival of warmth, colours and lights.
Some people prefer to dump everything in the drawer so that the countertop looks neat, but that is definitely not the way to decorate it. It is not a good idea too to have all your electrical appliances and utensils up on the countertop, as they will end up having a space battle. We know that it is not practical to hide or display all of the items.
There are ways to arrange your kitchen essentials while making good use of the surface area you have. If you have a huge countertop to spare, learn to use the area wisely.
Unless your countertop is perfectly sealed or resistant to stain, there are a few tips to remove the stubborn dirt. Before you start styling the countertop, do make sure you clean up those greasy stains and smudges gently.
To protect the surface of your countertop, wet the dirt with warm water and leave it for 15 minutes before mopping. You can then let the surface dry by itself or with an absorbent towel. After the countertop is ready, it is time to begin the mission.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas


Visually, Christmas is a festival full of many colours. The most-recognized ones are green, red and white. Colours seen together in nature always work well in decorating, so don’t be afraid to take a cue from Mother Nature.
For a fresh Christmas, below are some awesome colour combos you might want to try out for your countertop decoration this year.

  • Green and brown are sophisticatedly simple
  • White and gold are fabulously romantic
  • Blue and yellow are irresistibly young
  • Purple and white are brilliantly dazzling

Decorate Countertop For Christmas


Wreaths and Christmas tree are significant plants for Christmas. But they might be too large to have as a countertop decoration. As time goes by, people also start to be innovative with plants in this festive.
Some people like to style their countertops with the small seasonal plants such as 3 Layers of Luck, White Marble Pothos, Guardian Angel Tree and Foxy Fall Kalanchoe as the new trend. Add some colourful ornaments on the plant to beautify it – glitter balls, bells and gingerbread man for instance.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas

Cooking utensils

Depending on the surface material, select the suitable utensils to display to make them a part of your kitchen countertop decoration. Placing large utensils in a vase will be easily accessible and contributes to the room’s style while serving a practical purpose.
When decorating with utensils, material and colour are the keys to achieving the design you want. Metals like gold, coppers and stainless steel work great with granite, marble, or quartz. Wood surface matches well with plain ornaments.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas


Accessory choices are aplenty and available in many stores during the Christmas season. You can place Christmas stickers on the backsplash, colourful apron and oven gloves, table runner or bottle cover naturally on the countertop. An effortless countertop decoration.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas
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Lights and candle

No time for a visit to the florist or to craft an inviting space? Use a couple of small candles on the countertop or hang some LED lights around it will stunningly light up the kitchen. Another place for lights is across the bottom of upper cabinets or across the top of the cabinets don’t reach the ceiling.
Keep the countertop decoration simple with white candles and clear vessels from your kitchen drawer. Group them on a tabletop or mantel, and complement the setup with dried leaves and nuts, flowers or tie them together with ribbons for a relaxed holiday scene.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas


The countertop is a great place to store the Christmas cookbooks you reach for recipes on the Eve. Place them in a cool wooden basket or between bookends at a corner for the kitchen to look neat.
Besides the obvious convenience aspect, vibrant festive cookbooks can be pretty helpful to harmonize the countertop decoration style.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas


We understand and totally agree that Christmas should be enjoyed to the fullest with food and drink to flow as you desire – and calories consumed will never be judged. Decorating your countertop with Christmas treats can be very inviting. Gingerbread, snowman cookies, mini cakes are the good options.
Decorate Countertop For Christmas


Turn your countertop into a Christmas fairytale with the enchanting tableware. Below the tableware, having a thin placemat in red and white for example can improve the whole arrangement. If you have a big countertop, placing cutleries with red socks holders and silver dinner plates can greatly impact the style.
Everyone loves decorating for Christmas. Decorating the kitchen countertop with your loved ones will surely fill you with Christmas cheer. Choose a few of the decoration ideas from above and give a vivid focal to your kitchen.
Transform your home into a festive gathering place for family and friends with a fresh glamourized kitchen!
Feel free to give us a call or email for any inquiries!
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