Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style: #1 Ultimate Guide to Choose The Perfect One

When designing a modern and efficient kitchen, you would want to consider the choice you have for kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets provide ample storage and play a significant role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space. Among the various options available, aluminium kitchen cabinets have gained immense popularity due to their durability, sleek design, and versatility. But there are many aluminium kitchen cabinets style you can choose from.

In this ultimate guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect aluminium kitchen cabinets style to suit your needs and preferences.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style #1 - Choose the Type of Carcass

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style
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In the realm of modular construction, a carcass serves as the fundamental structure of the module, where panels are interconnected using a crossbar. The base modules are equipped with plinth feet that allow for height adjustment and skirting, effectively concealing the legs. This carcass forms the primary body to which shutters, hardware, and hinges can be affixed, completing the assembly.

When it comes to aluminium kitchen cabinets, you have the option to select from three types of carcasses: ACP carcass, solid silver carcass, and powder-coated carcass. The ACP carcass is crafted using 100% aluminium for the frame, while the walls are made from an aluminium composite panel. On the other hand, the Solid Silver carcass boasts a silver coating that lends a clean and radiant appearance to your cabinet. Meanwhile, the Powder-Coated carcass exhibits high scratch resistance, providing a robust and enduring aspect to the cabinet, earning it an A-class distinction.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style #2 - Choose Your Door Design

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style
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In Malaysia, there are a few door designs for aluminium kitchen cabinets, which include 4G doors, 3G doors, woodgrain series doors, and aluminium composite pamels. Aluminium composite panels (ACP) is an aluminium sheet spray painted with colors. ACP is the most common choice for aluminium kitchen cabinets. 

3G doors are made from alunimium. The front is attached with a transparent glass panel which has a glossy appearance. A colored sticker will be inserted in between the door and the glass panel to create the color effect. 

The appearance of 4G doors is similar to 3G doors. The difference is that the color projected from the 4G door comes from the glass itself. Woodgrain series doors is a full aluminium door, which gives out a more natural and timeless overall look for the space. 

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style #3- Choose Your Door Handle Design

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style
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There are a few types of cabinet handles you can choose for your aluminium kitchen cabinet. It includes handleless, edge profile, cabinet knobs, cup handles, bar handles, T-bar handles, and bow handles.

Handleless handles are handles that open by pressing them. Handleless handles can provide the feel of modernness and scientificness.

Edge profile handles are hollow-channeled bars fixed to the drawer edge. You can open it by putting your fingers in the hollow space. As they slightly protrude, it gives a sleek look that suits contemporary and modern kitchens well.

Cabot knobs will be a good choice for those who prefer vintage style. The knobs are circular and fixed at the opening corner of the cabinet door. But it won’t be a good choice for drawers due to the limited area to hold, and it can get loose with continuous usage. Cup handles are more stable and suitable for heavy cupboards and drawers. They expel refined archaic feelings.

Bar handles are simple yet functional. They come in a long rectangular bar that is easy to grip and pull. It works well with modern and traditional-style kitchens. T-bar handles are similar to bar handles, but differ in shape, as they come in a tube shape. This handle goes well with modern kitchen styles

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style #4- Check the Quality of Aluminium

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Style
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As aluminium is the primary material used in aluminium kitchen cabinets, ensure the quality of the aluminium is good enough for higher durability. High-quality aluminium normally comes with a certain thickness. Thin aluminium may not be strong enough to support the required load and weight. Aluminium should never be thin, bent, or deformed easily.

Aluminium comes in different grades, each with specific properties that make it suitable for various purposes. The most common grades for kitchen cabinets are 5052 and 6061. Grade 5052 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, while 6061 offers good strength and weldability.

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