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Renovate your kitchen with 3S Solid Surface

3S Solid Surface is one of the distributors in Singapore. Avonite Surfaces brand of solid surfaces, both polyester and acrylic are known for their innovative and unique colors and designs as well as their Right-Size Capability. They only use top-quality products from reputable sources and suppliers from countries like the United States, Europe, and South Africa. Our best product is Avonite from the United States.

Solid surface countertops are preferred over natural stone by many homeowners. That said, every countertop material has flaws and strengths, and custom granite or quartz countertops could offer more of the features you need. 3S Solid Surface countertops are molded to fit perfectly, without any seams, which makes seamless joints.

Although both custom granite and quartz are more durable, solid surfaces are hard and impact-resistant. In addition, this countertop material is non-porous and resists stains and food-borne bacteria. With solid surfaces, damage can often be easily sanded out and repaired. Wiping these countertops clean is a quick and simple task, requiring just soap and water or a mild household cleanser.

The flaws are that solid surfaces aren’t tolerant of heat and can discolor, scorch or even crack upon contact with a hot pan. This countertop material is softer than natural stone, adding on cutting directly on the surface is likely to result in damage. Other than that, If exposed to nail polish remover, paint thinner, lacquer, over cleaner, or other harsh chemicals, solid surfaces can become damaged.

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