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Aurastone Quartz is, made of natural quartz. It has endless design possibilities for your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, floors, walls, and interior designs, definitely most of the designer choices. Aurastone Quartz is also highly recommended for household surfaces like kitchen countertops because it is resistant to oils and acids from food.

Just as mentioned above, Aurastone countertops are resistant to oil and acids from food this is due to it being non-porous. By being non-porous, your countertop will not harbor microorganisms that may harm you or your family. Also, you do not need sealing which lower expenses used on the countertop, and maintenance will be easier. Your countertop will also be stain resistant as it does not absorb liquid.

Other than that, it is made out of quartz, therefore it is hard and resistant to scratches and cracks. In addition, for the Aurastone countertop, there are other varieties to choose from which may support your kitchen style.

However, it is vulnerable to heat, especially constant contact quartz is a material that is great for countertops but it still cannot stand against heat. Adding on, it is relatively expensive to purchase the cost may diminish due to low maintenance still it is costly as many demands for its blessing.

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