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Silestone is the hybrid surface of minerals that bring color and texture to your space. Being made out of 94-percent natural quartz, It has the remainder devoted to binding resins and colorants. Silestone is sometimes falsely referred to as granite, still it is not, Granite countertops are quarried straight from the earth and cut into slabs. Silestone is a man-made hybrid material.

Silestone offers various benefits and drawbacks, like all materials. First of all, the benefits, one of them being that it has a non-porous surface. This means that it cannot absorb water, or any type of liquid, this also means it cannot be stained. Other than that, it is highly hygienic as bacteria and germs cannot stick on a non-porous surface

Adding on, it requires a very low level of maintenance, as cleaning can be completed with only soap and water, adding the fact that it does not need sealing

The main material in making Silestone, quartz, is originally one of the hardest materials found in nature, therefore, it will not be easy to gain scratches or scorches. Adding the fact that, there are many colors and patterns to match every taste and decorations that the customer would like to put on their countertops

However, Silestone has its downfalls, like it is sensitive to chemicals, harsh chemicals can damage the surface of your countertops and repels its shineYou must try to avoid using such chemicals at all times, especially during cleaning, use soap and water instead. You should also not expose it with extreme heat as the resins in it are UV unstable, which is why it should not be used outdoors or get constant contact with hot objects

Silestone countertops looks like granite and marbles, but it does not hold their properties, this is due to it being man-made instead of naturally-made. Cause of this, it does not have a natural variances in its appearance. 

The most troublesome part of silestone lies in the price of purchasing it, as silestone holds many benefits, naturally the amount of demands for the product increases

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