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Lian Hin keeps it simple, they weaved quality aesthetics with practical functionality to create products that last and delight, ranging from feature walls to worktops and vanities. Lian Hin started its establishment in 1989 as a humble granite and marble dealer. However, unchanging is their commitment to high quality and exceptional service.

Today, they have become the leading expert in multi-faceted surfaces like Granite, Marble, Quartz, and Sintered surfaces in Singapore. Their vision is to enhance the quality of lives they touch with aesthetic creations and impeccable service. Its mission is to weave quality aesthetics with practical functionality.

Engineered quartz is artificial, manufactured from 80% to 85% quartz, polymer resins, and pigments built under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. Quartz does not require sealing and is also one of the bacteria-free surfaces available cause of its non-porous nature. Due to it being created from quartz, it is also stain, scratch, and crack resistant. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain contrast to natural stone countertops.

Lian Hin also provides a wide series of colors and styles for their quartz countertop, enough to earn them a place in the list of the most trustable quartz countertop supplier in Singapore. Their price is discussable, so they may give out a lower price in contrast to other suppliers.

The flaws are that it’s unprotected from heat, and Quartz countertops are poorly inconsistent with sudden temperature changes. Commonly, they can hold up to 150 degrees but cause the Lian Hin countertop is made from 80 – 85% of quartz. The temperature that the countertop can hold out may be lesser than expected.

In addition, as the percentage of quartz inside the countertop is lesser than other quartz countertop suppliers, the chances of cracks and damage from sharp or heavy objects dropping will be higher.

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