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What Is Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

An aluminium kitchen cabinet is just the same as any other kitchen cabinet but is made out of aluminium components. It was first introduced to Malaysia’s market in 2008. The superior performance of an aluminium kitchen cabinet is definitely a breakthrough in the kitchen cabinetry world.

A full aluminium kitchen cabinet includes cabinet doors, front panels, and other cabinet parts, such as back panels, drawers, and shelves made of aluminium.

In making the aluminium kitchen cabinet, the frame is joined by an aluminium tube and covered by aluminium sheets. It is solely made of aluminium. You won’t find any wood derivatives material in it. You can find kitchen cabinets that only use aluminium cabinet doors in the market, so don’t get confused with a full aluminium kitchen cabinet.



Aluminium Kitchen

What Makes Alumimium Kitchen Cabinet Special?

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets in the market, but what makes aluminium kitchen cabinets unique and special from others?

First of all, aluminium is a stable metal that is odorless, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. As it doesn’t contain any wood derivatives material, it is termite-free and waterproof, making it more durable than other materials. Lastly, aluminium kitchen cabinets come with sleek finishing, which you don’t really find in other types of kitchen cabinets.

Due to its uniqueness, the popularity of aluminium kitchen cabinets has increased over the years. It will be your number one choice if you are looking for durable kitchen cabinetry.

Why Aluminium Cabinet?

Trendy, Long Lasting, Modern

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The Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet is also free of Formaldehyde, a toxic chemical which is commonly found in wooden cabinets, thus making it a safe choice for the well-being of your little kids.

Another bonus benefit of the Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet is that it can be easily transferable to your new home. Compared to wooden cabinets which you cannot bring along, this is definitely a big plus in terms of savings on your renovation.

So, if you are looking for modern, safe, customizable, and long-lasting cabinets for your home, get your Aluminium Cabinet today.



❗ In case you haven’t heard, more and more homeowners are switching from wooden kitchen cabinets to Aluminium kitchen cabinets…

This is BECAUSE unlike wooden cabinets, Aluminium cabinets do NOT have annoying problems such as mould, bacteria, scratches, stains, discolouration, and toxic formaldehyde… making it the perfectly safe and hygienic choice for your home (in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even your bedrooms).

If you want to avoid all these problems and have? SUPER long-lasting (and safe) kitchen cabinets, then the Aluminium Cabinet is for you!

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Selecting The Best Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

It is important that you select the best aluminium kitchen cabinet to last longer, or you will need to replace it in no time. Not all aluminium kitchen cabinet comes in the best quality. So here are some criteria you will want to take note of: 

  • Quality of Aluminium
  • Tabletop Material
  • Cabinet Doors, Front Panel, and Frame
  • Function and Performance
  • Practical And Stylish Features

Getting a durable aluminium kitchen cabinet is never better for your kitchen, where you can upgrade your kitchen design and also the use of your kitchen.

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