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Staron solid surfaces manufactured by Samsung are a highly functional and aesthetic solid surface material that comes in a range of varied colors and texture effects. Staron has both commercial and residential applications making it a great material to create awe-inspiring personal spaces and professional business settings.


This Samsung solid surface is known for its toughness, stain-resistance, and low maintenance that is also non-porous, making it hard for bacteria and mold to hide and grow. It makes a great value for style, affordability, and functionality, Staron solid surface materials give you the ability to transform your kitchen into amazing designer living spaces or create a business setting and fantastic displays for your commercial establishments.

In addition, Lotte Staron countertops are dimensionally flexible that come in different sizes, they also provide an infinite range of colors that let customers able to choose from. Lotte Staron solid surface countertops have a seamless, smooth, and glossy surface that helps in illuminating the kitchen.

They are not as common as other choices so information online is limited. Like all other solid surface counters, they are not heat resistant and can become damaged if hot objects are placed on top. They may scratch and dent easily if not properly cared for, and may accumulate staining. 

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