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Elevate your kitchen with Obro Hood & Hob

OBRO is a modernized kitchen appliances manufacturer which brings you a new cooking style with the latest technology and design, they offer greater flexibility, convenience, and ease in the kitchen. They are a team of professionals for kitchen appliances who continuously study and understand the needs of the market and trends of classy living style that people look forward to. They hold responsibility for their products’ innovation, elegance, technology, quality, and simplified design.

They dedicating themselves to go the extra mile and always serving their customers with a smile is our company’s success. They ensure product and service excellence and give a significant experience for every customer.

OBRO’s downdraft cooker hood and induction cooker hob are modern, exquisite, and highly functional, specially designed to add instant class and prestige to your home. It gives you the utmost convenience and enjoyment in preparing meals for your family and friends.

OBRO’s downdraft cooker hood offers you the perfect suction solution to remove grease fumes, odor, and contaminants with their powerful airflow and advanced filtering system, so no worries. The sleek and modern OBRO cooker hood body allows the entire hood to be submerged underneath your countertop, giving an elegant minimalist look to your kitchen.

OBRO’s integrated sink dishwasher skillfully combined efficiency and smart living to create a complete working kitchen station. Their in-sink dishwashers that come with a high-performance water heater improve dish cleanliness without the need for a rinse agent. They are easy to clean as integrated sinks eliminate the seals and caulked edges of traditional sink basins.

However, it is not easy to replace, if at any point you damage the sink or neighboring counter space, you’ll be forced to repurchase the entire setup. Additionally, some materials, like marble, are more porous than other types of stones such that there will be a higher likelihood it stains. If you are the cook whose sink is no stranger to red wine and tomato sauce, you might need to consider a switch.

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