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Ecopluz Vinyl Flooring

EcoPluz specializes in Luxury Resilient Vinyl Flooring (LRVF) for a diversity of commercial and residential installations. They carry an extensive product range offering excellent value for money, with dedicated and flexible professional services catering to the flooring needs of their valued clients.

Going forward, they aim to deliver unparalleled quality and eco-friendly products through their professional and eco-sustainable practices. By incorporating the latest design and technology, our products focus on minimizing environmental impact through durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, and eventual safe disposal.

Ecopluz Vinyl flooring is a type of multi-layered synthetic flooring, made from materials like plastic, fiberglass, and PVC, vinyl flooring typically comes in planks, tiles, or sheets that can then be assembled. Vinyl flooring is well-known for being resilient, and most vinyl flooring is water-resistant, requires very little maintenance, and has long-lasting durability. If it has a wear layer, vinyl flooring will usually not stain, which means that it can survive plenty of wear and tear. Some brands manufacture 100% waterproof vinyl floors.

Compared to materials like hardwood or stone, Ecopluz vinyl flooring has a “softer” and more “padded” feeling underfoot, thanks to its layered composition. These layers also insulate and help the floor maintain a consistent temperature no matter the season. Vinyl can also have soundproofing qualities, which lessen noises and echo in any room. Vinyl is quite affordable and has an uncomplicated installation process that is nearly easy.

Despite all that, since vinyl flooring consists of a single wear layer over the design layer, it cannot be resurfaced. Once the floor is damaged, the affected areas, or the entire floor, must be entirely replaced, this is especially true for sheet vinyl or low-quality vinyl. 

Manufacturing vinyl flooring requires toxic chemicals, and after installation, vinyl floors are well-known to emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Off-gassed VOCs can adversely affect health in an indoor environment, particularly without windows or ventilation, and will lead to higher concentrations. If this is your worry, they recommend avoiding high-VOC vinyl flooring and choosing a low-VOC floor instead.

Ecopluz Vinyl Flooring
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