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Experience the beauty of Sensa Granite

Sensa Granite is a natural granite surface of Cosentino Group that owns distinctive stain-resistant protection. A product that’s elegance is as high as its quality with reliable properties. 

Consentino traveled to Brazil and India to find the most beautiful stone that nature could create. This stone was chosen, following strict criteria of aesthetic excellence that resulted in unique, elegant surfaces with striking, yet subtle, touch. Unique is precisely the best adjective. Every Sensa slab is different from the rest because each surface has exceptional veining that no other can replicate.

Sensa Granite by Cosentino is a first-rate, maintenance-free, natural stone offered by Cosentino. Sensa Granite has a revolutionary protective treatment that provides high stain resistance, you will discover that Cosentino provides you with a range of colors to combine with any decoration scheme or project

A protective treatment is placed on each slab of Sensa Granite, the protective treatment has a 15-year transferable warranty that will allow you to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of your countertop for a long time. You will add an elegant touch to your kitchen, and your countertop will be guarded against common household stains.

Other than that, it is relatively easy to maintain, in contrast to other granite, Sensa Granite is simple to clean. Although natural granite is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, it can still be scratched. So, it is recommendable that you always use a chopping board to protect its surface. Like any other natural stone, granite is sensitive to thermal shock, which is the reason that they recommend you avoid direct contact between the countertop and hot pots or pans.

Even though Cosentino is trying to say that Sensa Granite is different from the usual granite, conclusion-wise, the only difference shown is the design. Without the protection given by Cosentino, it would not be as perfect as they have announced. Due to this, you can see the price that is placed on this surface, you will highly start to think twice before executing the purchase.

Sensa Granite
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