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Compac is a company that has taken further advancements in Quartz stone and has developed their brand of product that is 93-95% natural quartz. Compac countertops are the next evolutionary stage of quartz worktops made by Compac, The Surfaces Company. These are one of the most resilient types of quartz countertops that use minimal joints for fitting and excel in virtually every aspect compared to natural stones such as marble, limestone, and granite countertops.

Compac countertops are tough and durable since it is made out of quartz, which means it is resistant to scratches and cracks. Following on, it is non-porous, which means that it would not harbor bacteria or any microorganisms from liquids, also it can preserve its color and shine for a longer time. By being non-porous, the maintenance of the countertop is low, as it can be easily clean with soap and water.

Compac is a modern stone that bursts with contemporary style, so it definitely would not suit a homeowner looking to restore the beauty in their old-style kitchen. However, Compac would be a great addition to any home and work well alongside some old-style accessories or furniture. Whether your kitchen is small or large, it will never matter to Compac countertop because it is perfect for all-size kitchens.

If you are not sure which color you are going for, then get ready to be spoilt for choice. Compac countertops come in a large range of colors and shades, therefore whether you are looking for white, grey, or darker colors there will be something for everyone. It is incredibly low in cost compared to other stones on the market, unlike natural stones, you don’t have to pay out for sealing every year.

In addition, it is also heat resistant, you will be able to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface without worry, however, we still recommend that you do not, as constant contact will still damage it. Despite it offering a stunning appearance that is known for longevity, some customers have reported changes in the appearance when their countertop has become cloudy. This is due to a chemical change that is caused by heat or a cleaning product that should not be used. If you expose your kitchen worktop to high levels of acid, then you will see it damages the countertop over time.

Even if the Compac countertop can withstand collisions, you are not getting away completely worry-free. You will still need to be careful as it can still be chipped or cracked if you drop something ponderous.

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"I am happy with the Compac countertop as it show off my maturity when my friends came to visit. I don't even need to pay a large amount to purchase and maintain it."
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
"My mother and I are happy with the Compac countertop as it is easy to clean and it is cheap. I am also glad that it fits my kitchen as I only have a small kitchen. "
Pablo Gusterio
Client of Company
"I am glad I bought my countertop from Compac, not only is it cheap, it has many styles that fits in any kinds of kitchen. I was astonished as I have never seen a countertop that is so close to perfect."
Kristina Lee
Client of Company

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