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The Best 3 Countertop Materials for Your Home

The Best 3 Countertop Materials for Your Home

When it comes to choosing countertop materials, it is not just about aesthetics. You want a countertop that is practical and meets your needs. A countertop with space enough to chop, room by your kitchen sink to clean, and so on. It is important to consider how you plan to utilize your kitchen when choosing which countertop materials are suitable for you.

Every countertop materials have its own set of pros and cons, here we will explain the 3 most popular materials that are used for countertops in 2022, their features, and the pros and cons of using them.

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Before Picking Your Countertop Material...

Before picking your countertop materials, you will need to think about some criteria that will affect the durability and support of your kitchen’s countertop.

The criteria that will affect your countertop involve the maintenance requirements by using the specific material, the price of applying the material in your countertop, seams, edges, and thickness of your countertop by implementing the particular countertop materials you chose. Below, we will not only explain the features, pros, and cons, but also some of the criteria that are mentioned here.

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Best Countertop Material No.1: Granite

In every list of trending countertop materials, granite will be there to carve its name on the list, as it is known as the best material for making a high-quality countertop for several years. Granite has remained a top choice among house owners due to its natural composition, exquisite looks, and designs that cannot be replicated.

If properly cared for, granite can last for over decades, it has a high level of durability and strength that is ideal for a kitchen countertop. If properly sealed, it will also have heat, stain, and scratch resistance.

However, it is prone to cracks and the looks can be outdated. Following on, it is needed to be sealed as granite is naturally porous and absorbs liquid like oils, juices, and wine, which is impossible to remove. Adding on, bacteria can also be harbored inside granite if not properly sealed.

The Best 3 Countertop Materials For Your Home
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Best Countertop Material No.2: Soapstone

Soapstone is made of steatite and is called soapstone because it has at least 50% talc, which feels like soap. Soapstone with lower amounts of talc is harder and gets used for countertops, sinks, and other materials. Soapstone is used because it is heat resistant and needs little maintenance.

Soapstone-made countertops do not stain as soapstone is not porous, this also means that it does not harbor bacteria, and it does not react to acids that cause stains for other countertops. Soapstone is not as durable as other stone countertops even so it can last for at least 2 decades. As soapstone is naturally found, it can be recycled, plus it is chemical-free, following the fact that it does not need regular sealing like other stone countertops which makes its maintenance more effortless.

Still, it has its downfalls, one is that it gets scratched easily as it is a softer stone. In addition, soapstone has few color options only, it is mostly dark color as whiter color soapstone requires more talc, which makes it softer. Other than that, it is expensive to install which is on par with quartz and granite, depending on the thickness and grade of the stone.

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Best Countertop Material No.3: Marble

Marble is one of the countertop materials that comes in a variety of types, prices, qualities, and colors so doing a thorough research will help you find the best marble for your needs. Marble has endless variations because of factors like where it’s sourced, it’s impurities, patterns, colors, and veining. Colors can range from white to black to pink to green. Carrara marble is the most popular option because it is the least expensive marble, but Statuary, Calacatta, and Crema Marfil are also found in kitchens.

Nothing can match the looks of marble-made countertops there is a richness to them and a character to the stone that others can’t touch. But what usually arouses people about marble countertops is the veining. What’s more, marble remains cold naturally, which makes it a great surface for baking and other cooking, but it is not completely heat resistant, therefore, refrain from placing hot pots and pans on marble countertops. Furthermore, with regular upkeep, maintenance, and sealing, marble countertops will last for a long time in your kitchen.

Marble Countertop Materials
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Contrary to all these benefits, marble countertops have flaws like the heat problem mentioned above, for instance, it is porous. This makes it able to be stained and acidic liquids will stain permanently. You can avoid substantial staining by sealing marble countertops at least annually, well it is better to seal marble once it is installed though. Marble will scratch or if exposed to acid for a prolonged period, it will etch where the polish or sealant fades. You can hone marble to assist in hiding the etching.

Lastly, marble countertops run more expensive than other countertop materials options, so it’s not everyone’s first choice of purchasing. Though several types of marble can be more affordable, they’ll likely remain expensive.

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