The New Dekton ® Stonika: 6 Shades To Look Out For

Age-old empires hidden under stone and sand. Snow-tipped mountains towering over pristine, sleek waters. Volcanoes standing stoic and still, red-hot power bubbling at their cores.

The New Dekton ® Stonika: 6 Shades To Look Out For
These majestic images of nature are the inspiration for the new Dekton ® Stonika line, their beauty carved and portrayed in six stunning shades.

Dekton ® Stonika is fresh off the Dekton XGloss Natural Collection, its six colours inspired by the finest natural stone and crafted from a unique blend of glass, quartz, and porcelain.

Advancements in Dekton’s manufacturing process resulted in a sharp, hyper-realistic aesthetic for this new line. As with Dekton’s previous collections, Stonika’s versatility allows to be part of any household facade, be it in countertops, flooring, facades, wall cladding, stairs, or wherever you would like in your own home.

Here are the six colours from Dekton ® Stonika:

  • OLIMPO – Inspired by the most luxurious Carrara marble, Olimpo is suited for the most discerning customer. White, elegant, and dramatic, its silver veins over dazzling white represent both purity and luxury.
  • Stonika Olimpio
  • BERGEN – Inspired by Portobello natural stone, Bergen is a shining star not just because of its Dekton Xgloss finishes, but also because of its grey veins strategically placed in intricate patterns over a sleek, white surface. It is a trendy look that is lustrous, intricate, and artistic.
  • Stonika Bergen
  • ARGA – Inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite, Taga carries this historic building’s heartwarming origins in its soft crystalline and marble veins. This evokes not just prestige, but also a gentle warmth.
  • Stonika Arga
  • TAGA – Also inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite, Taga has a significantly greyer tone than Arga, making it more reminiscent of modern stone. You can call it the ‘cooler sister’ to Arga, its aesthetic cool, modern, and sleek.
  • Stonika Taga
  • SOGNE – Sogne captures the distinctive beauty of the famous Gris Pulpis natural stone in its dark grey veins. Fused with natural stone and cement, it is a colour that pays ownage to both nature and man and evokes an elegant, industrial vibe.
  • Stonika Sogne
  • KORSO – Another shade resembling the Gris Pulpis marble, Korso is the ‘darker, bolder cousin’ to Sogne. Inspired by natural stone, its earthy tones mixed with wavering grey veins give it a look that is not just dark and dramatic, but also warm and nurturing.
  • Stonika Korso

So what can a Stonika slab do for your surface?

  • Stonika’s slabs are single, complete pieces, having one layer of material instead of two. This makes a Stonika slab resistant to thermal shock and common cracks.
  • Stonika’s slabs are also highly resistant to UV rays, stains, and scratches
  • Stonika’s slabs are sturdy and durable, making them long-lasting and a good, strong material for your surfaces
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