Luxx Newhouse : Stunning Home Surfaces In Singapore

Who Is The Luxx Newhouse Group?

Luxx Newhouse

Luxx Newhouse Group is the exclusive distributor of LG Hausys HI-MACS® Solid Surface and Compac Technological Quartz. Soon, they are going to launch their new product, DiDio Engineering Marble.

Leading the surfaces industry for 20 years, Luxx Newhouse aims to add value to the whole solid surface market by contributing their skills and expertise to their customers. 

The Group maintains a dynamic team of passionate professionals that caters to every customer’s aspiration in building their dream home. 

Luxx Newhosue Singapore Image

Furthermore, in-house fabrication gives the team complete control over the craftsmanship of the product quality right down to its finest details.

Their involvement in the solid surface scene gives them the flexibility to create bespoke designs and fulfill the architectural requirements of even the grandest of projects.

In fact, the team has been actively working together with local designers to contribute to the design industry sceneOne of the more notable collaboration was for SingaPlural 2016.

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Luxx Stands On Quality Products

Only the best products pass through the door of Luxx Newhouse. Therefore, they offer a variety of superior solid surfaces such as  HI-MACS® and Compac Technlogical Quartz to their customers.


Himacs Luxx Newhosue Singapore

HI-MACS®  is undeniably an exceptional solid surface material. With a balanced composition of acrylics, natural pigments and minerals, they make up a clean, thermoformable seamless solid surface.

Himacs Solids Surface | Luxx Newhosue Singapore

In addition, HI-MACS®  is known to meet the highest standards of quality in material performance, functionality, fabrication-compatibility and hygiene.

Compac Technological Quartz

Compac Technological Quartz | Luxx Newhosue Singapore

As a processed stone crafted primarily from 95% of natural quartz and the rest being pigmentation and a resin binding agent, Compac Technological Quartz does not require special care or constant sealing to be stain-resistant and safe for food.

Compac worktops are ideal kitchen surfaces that you never have to worry about chips or stains. It is all about the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, isn’t it?

Hence, to greatly surprise your guest, the beauty of your kitchen workspace should be the uttermost priority.

Projects Of Luxx Newhouse Singapore

Luxx Newhouse have many grand projects in recent years which are dependent on solid surfaces. Some of the most recent projects hit closer to home within the heart of Singapore’s most-used facilities.

Changi Terminal 4

Changi Terminal 4 is a bustling aerial transportation facility at the heart of Singapore. 

Luxx Newhouse has made their touch with a skylight and bathroom makeover project that revolves around the usage of HI-MACS®.

A glistening beautiful glimmer covers the bathroom from edge-to-edge in a sense of artful purity.

Changi Terminal 4

Fabrication : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)
Photo credit : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)

Changi Terminal 4 Bathroom

Fabrication : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)
Photo credit : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)

The lights featured in a solid surface finish by Luxx Newhouse are dazzling to witness with the reflection from the mirrors and surfaces all over the entire bathroom.

The bathroom vanity island has also been exceptionally done. In perspective, it is a bathroom marvel to behold which fits for the busiest aerospace terminal in South East Asia.

Thus, the flexible nature of LG Hi-Macs® solid surface allows for seamless curving as shown in the photo.

Zaha Hadid’s Project

Luxx Newhouse : Stunning Home Surfaces In Singapore

Fabrication : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)
Photo credit : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)

Zaha Hadid requested a customized countertop and sink that is made from the finest solid surfaces. The project was immensely difficult to fulfill given the nature of the design.
Zaha Hadid Wanted A Bathroom Sink

Fabrication : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)
Photo credit : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)

Moreover, Zaha Hadid wanted a bathroom sink from solid surfaces that curve in ways never thought possible.

Even though the kitchen countertop has an astounding curvature overall, the top and sides has to be curved for nearly 30 degrees away from the flat plain for the countertop to have that unique curvature.

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Where The Designs Came To Life

Luxx Newhouse : Stunning Home Surfaces In Singapore

Fabrication : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)
Photo credit : Luxx Newhouse (Singapore)

Located at the heart of Singapore, the Luxx Newhouse Design Center in Sungei Kadut Furniture Hub showcases the engineering capability of their solid surface designs.   
Newhouse Design Center Displays

The Luxx Newhouse Design Center displays their products for both commercial and residential spaces made exclusively with solid surface materials. This is where one witnesses the craftsmanship that goes into their remarkable pieces.
This Showroom Is Also A Gateway

Besides, this showroom is also a gateway for innovation and excellence for the future of surface and architectural designs.

It is a space where creativity flows among designers and engineers who seek a new perspective on the use of solid surfaces for functional design pieces.

Such designs are a marvel of engineeringThe ability to shape solids in such a form is simply overwhelming when taken into account the amount of thought that puts into the design process.

In conclusion, Luxx Newhouse is truly a master craftsman of solid surfaces. We hope to see more from them in the coming months as their designs have pushed boundaries to heights that were never thought possible.

For more HIMACS or other surface products, please check us out at Stone Amperor or call us at +65 6710 7168.

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