Marble Countertops 101 | Why I’d Still Choose Marble in 2019

Why I’d Still Choose Marble in 2018, Despite its Drawbacks

It’s great to know what marble is so as to see how it carries on. It’s a metamorphic stone, which is formed when sediment crystallizes under great heat or pressure to form hard rock. Marble isn’t the hardest of these stones, in any case, making it permeable and consequently powerless to staining. Stone is trans-formative and significantly harder (no staining), while soapstone is less hard (more staining). Marble is additionally shaped out of calcium carbonate, giving it a compound structure that responds easily with acids and leads to etching on the surface.

Marble Furniture

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A Journey Through my Marble Renovations

Personally, When I rebuilt my kitchen right around 1 year ago, I had plans to utilize a marble-look quartz. Rather, I picked a sharpened Carrara marble, and my people only ask: would it be a good idea for you to utilize marble in the kitchen? How is it holding up? Do you have to seal marble in the kitchen? How would you seal marble in the kitchen? How is it living with marble and huge family? So today I need to impart to you why I picked marble I adore the perfect, brilliant look of marble, and also its inborn class and immortality.

Despite its exemplary looks, however, marble is likewise one of the more affordable decisions in normal, hard- wearing countertop materials. Depending upon the kind of marble, it can be more reasonable than stone, and unquestionably more so than quartz and treated steel.

I like marble’s regular shading and changeability, and keeping in mind that I likewise have investigated other materials, which additionally comes in those white shades, I have heard a few issues with some white quartz’s recoloring far more atrocious than marble (in addition to quartz is more costly).

All in all, what’s the issue? Marble is milder and more permeable than the about indestructible rock, thus it can carve (scratch) and stain in a way that stone typically won’t.

With regards to choosing kitchen countertops, exemplary white marble remains the best decision for many householders. It’s nothing unexpected that marble countertops are so mainstream—the material has been drawing in fans for centuries.

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After much research and looking around home gatherings, sneaking peak here and there, here are the fundamental  things I’ve learned:
Marble Countertop


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The Most Effective Method to Select Marble Slabs

Each stone chunk is somewhat unique, so it’s optimal to choose the correct bits of stone that will be utilized for your countertops. In the meantime, it’s crucial to consider how these unique pieces come together.

Veining in Marble


Each quarry is extraordinary, however, it can be cut in certain kinds of marble squares by applying two diverse approaches to accomplish exceptional veining designs. Crosscut, or fleuri cut, brings about stone sections with “an open bloomed design,” says Nussbaum which looks genuinely irregular and is perfect for book-coordinating. Vein cut, or striato, cut the square the other method to accomplish a straight, striped appearance.


What Types of Finishes Does Marble Come In?

Now this one is important to know because it changes the whole thing completely…

  • Honed Finish

Created by sanding the surface with the goal that it has a delicate, matte complete, honed marble won’t make scratches visible to such an extent, the stone is shown off as somewhat less white and is more helpless to staining as the pores are open. Sealing on it is the only solution.

  • Polished Finish

Polished to a sparkly outside, this complete won’t stain as effectively however it can scratch and etch. Cleaned  surfaces are sparkly and brilliant, yet they will be exhausted in time. If you prefer the rugged look, go for the honed finish and skip the polishing process.

Would I be able to Clean Marble Easily?

Indeed you can! Regardless of whether you are cleaning down the entire countertop or working out a stain, marble cleaning is simple. Warm water and dish cleanser splashed onto the counter works flawlessly and, for stains, blending Baking soda and water into a glue and keeping it overnight on the stain will fix the problem.

Marble Countertop With Coffee

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What Causes Marble Etching?

Marble is sure to be worn out due to its calcium carbonate cosmetics, which responses with any corrosive/acid. Corrosive actually consumes a minor piece of the surface, making dull spots, otherwise called Etches. This implies any sprinkle of a lemon squeeze, any wet margarita glass, will leave its mark.

Marble Countertop PROS

Beauty – Classic, immortal magnificence, and a white brightness not accessible in stone or soapstone.

Cool Temperature – it doesn’t direct warmth very well. Quite heat resistant.

Cost– While some rarer sorts of marble are extremely costly, the more typical Carrara (likewise called Carrera) marble is one of the affordable material for countertops.

Widely accessible – Unlike some quartzes and the rare quartzite, marble is accessible from about any stone fabricator or stone yard.

Marble Countertop CONS

Scratching – Marble can scratch effortlessly, particularly when contacted for a significant lot of time by something acidic. A slice of lemon laid down on a polished countertop overnight can leave a mark in the shape of the lemon slice.

Staining – Marble can likewise recolor; red wine and a few organic products are scandalous for leaving permanent stains on the marble.

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I’m kind of obsessive about cleaning. I require things arranged accordingly … however, the scratches and engravings on the counters don’t trouble me for a few reasons. To start with, you could never observe any of them when strolling through or when not utilizing the space.

Marble countertops: Nevertheless, you couldn’t care less for them, they could end up carved, worn, and recolored. In any case, with appropriate care (wipe up spills, utilize cutting sheets, dry them after you utilize them), the whole surface will increase only a slight patina that will conceal that unique first scratch or water ring and basically look dazzling.

I should include that I cook. A ton. A huge family that cannot rely on takeouts. Furthermore, I let my baby cousins help me in the kitchen, as well. Stuff gets set on the counters, dragged over the counters, spilled on the counters, and glued to the counters. And keep in mind that I have tried to be delicate to the potential harm that should be possible be possible to my countertops… I’m satisfied to state that none of it appears to have caused destruction in our way of life or taken a lot of time.

Marble Countertop

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The Most Effective Method to Clean Marble Countertops:


What You Need :


  • Warm water


  • Delicate, non-rough dish cleanser


  • Spray bottle


  • Dish fabric or cleaning cloth


  • Delicate, permeable towel



A.Blend warm water and delicate dish cleanser:

B. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and include about a tablespoon of delicate, non-rough dish cleanser. Try not to utilize anything with corrosive or lemon juice. Shake delicately to blend the cleanser and water.

C. Shower the counter with the dish cleanser arrangement: Spray the countertop slightly with the warm dish cleanser arrangement.

D. Wipe with a hot, wet dish material: Wipe the soapy water off the counter with a wet dish fabric.

E. Dry with a towel: Rub the countertop dry and buff with a soft, spongy towel.

F. Also, shield from etching with a permeable drying mat.

Clean marble after every Use!

This one is exceptionally basic, yet the best thing you can do with your marble. This will spare most potential wastage of time later on.

In addition, by cleaning up after utilizing you will keep stains from happening and keep your marble looking awesome. On the off chance that you cleaned up after every use and regardless you have stains, don’t stress removing stains from marble isn’t that hard.

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