Best Door Lock You Can Buy In Singapore | Schlage Smart Lock

Do away with conventional security and get yourself digital door locks with Schlage Smart Lock.
Schlage is a world-renowned provider of home security locks and door solutions. Not your typical home security lock.

Schlage Full Set Handles And Entries

Why choose this in Singapore? Time is money and with that statement, do away with wasted time fiddling with keys and get yourself a modern day solution to having home security be a breeze.

Digital Smart Locks in 2018

Digital locks have been making their way into every business of the 20th century. Now, we can find affordable home solutions that won’t break the bank from Schlage.
Open possibilities of having confidence in your home safety whilst also being affordably convenient.
Smart locks designed to last and respond to the correct pin number set by yourself can save you a lot of time. Just imagine, its the same as unlocking a phone. In just a few seconds, you can get your door open.

Schlage Smart Keyless Entry
Before digital smart locks, everyone has their own experience messing around with keys to get them properly fitted in keyholes.
At the worst times, even I myself lose my keys. No more risk of having to lose your keys. Just make sure you won’t forget your pin number otherwise you’ll be no better off with a normal door lock without a key.
Speaking about keys, Schlage Smart Locks don’t require any keys. Never worry about having to lose your ticket to home ever again with a PIN code entry system.
With all that said, pretty sure you’re thinking about digital locks vs basic locks. Well, here’s a list of the pros and cons of Smart Locks:

Schlage Smart Lock Singapore


Pros Of Schlage Smart Lock

  1. Convenient and easy to use
  2. Shortens the time to unlock
  3. An absence of a physical key

Cons Of Schlage Smart Lock

  1. Expensive to purchase
  2. Complicated to install
  3. Anyone with the pin can bypass the lock

Now we’ve gotten that out of the way, the pros and cons balance each other out. So the right decision depends on how you are going to use the lock.
Think about how many people you would like having access to your property. Also think about if the benefits are in your favor, especially the benefit of Schlage Smart Lock’s convenience.

Schlage Door Knob

Do we do away with old-fashioned door locks just because of this? No! Smart locks belong to certain doors that have certain purposes.
Doesn’t mean you have to install Schlage’s Smart Lock on every single door you have. That’s just being silly.
Schlage offers various lineups of basic door locks that come with different handle styles. Be it a knob or a lever.

Schlage , The Best Door Lock You Can Buy In Singapore, has got it covered for you. Quality and premium built locks for your everyday door.

These handle-sets are the perfect companion for lasting homes. Durable and resistant to wear, they’ll be operating longer than the doors can stand! Different types of handle-sets can determine what is needed for your door.
Handle-sets such as deadbolts can only be opened with a key. Whereas, knobs and levers can be installed depending on your preference on the interaction required to open the door.

Schlage Digital Smart Lock

One Last Thing…

Do note that Schalge’s smart locks have a built-in alarm system that’ll alert you to any tried entries made by people not keying in the PIN correctly. Also, some smart locks will come with stages of intruder detection.
Tampering a smart lock will cause it to produce an audible alarm sound. Forced entry will automatically activate a siren to deter the intruders from the premises.
Looking for modern day locks with a reliable and convenient operating system? Look no further, Schlage is the professionals to go to when it comes to smart home security and quality door locks of the older kind.
Try it out at for a home security service you’ll know you can trust!

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