3 Kitchen Renovation Tips to Keep Moisture Out of Your Kitchen

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Out of all rooms in the house, who would have thought kitchen is one of the most humid places that we are living in? Wondering if there are kitchen renovation tips exist to keep kitchen moisture out of your kitchen?

Kitchen is heart of your home and it is also a sacred place to unleash all of your skills on your culinary – and that is really great! But the aftermath of it such as wet floors and countertops, washing machine that is constantly spilling out water from the water hose, oily walls cause by the oil splatter, damp walls that have not been dried off and have produced mold spores around the corners of the wall, have we actually thought of that? Yes, it is a hassle to be overwhelmed by all these possibilities!

From refrigerators, washing machines to sinks – these are the main contributors of the dampness of the kitchen. According to American Lung Association, the mold and dampness of the environment could create unwanted health issues that caused by bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Not to mention, it produces cockroaches too!

However, fret not! There are renovation tips to keep moisture out of your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Tips #1: Waterproof Flooring

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Or known as water-resistant flooring! Floor materials such as carpets and hardwood aren’t a good tool to be utilised in the kitchen when there is water coming out from the sink and refrigerator constantly. One of the biggest issues with flooring that isn’t waterproofed is the potential for water to become trapped beneath it. The moisture that sticks within those materials could create mold spore and mildew. Floorings needs to be completed in the early stage during renovation or upgrading process. Flooring and cabinets need to come before the countertops, backsplash and appliances After painting your kitchen walls.

To avoid these from happening, do invest in materials that are durable and has high water resistance such as marble, porcelain, and ceramic. These will keep the moisture out from entering the floors. In other words, simply mop the floor and constantly maintain the dryness of the floor is way to go.

Kitchen Renovation Tips #2: Invest in Fans

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Matter of facts, fans are created to provide for flow of cool air. and they are usually can be found in our bedroom, living area and various areas of our house. Every time we cook in the kitchen area, the smell of food is confined within the home where it may enter and stick our fabrics and furniture such as living room curtains and dining room cushion. Therefore, it is important to pick the right fans for your kitchen to ensure the circulation of fresh air in every corner of your house.

Either you are thinking of the exhaust fans or normal stand fans and ceiling fans, you are right – those are it. Little do you know that fans are one of the contributors of the dampness prevention in the kitchen. We tend to switch on the exhaust fan while cooking, but not actually emphasising on letting the fan to switch on after doing the dishes. This is to make sure to let the surroundings such as the pantry, dishwasher, sinks, floor, countertops as well as the cabinets to dry up. If it is not done so, be prepared of the mold spores coming along the way!

Kitchen Renovation Tips #3: Have a Stronger Wall

3 Kitchen Renovation Tips To Keep Moisture Out Of Your Kitchen
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There are multiple factors on why most of us has seem damp walls in the kitchen. One of the factors are low quality materials that have been used to build the wall in the house, especially kitchen. Water leaks from the roof also contributes to the dampness of the wall. In the long run, this will not only affect the whole construction of the building, it will cause more major repairs in the future – which not everyone would love to know off that might cost a fortune.

Stronger wall indicates the safety of the kitchen, which can avoid any mold spore to produce. Waterproof walls can be built with applying bituminous painting on the wall. Is a semi-solid form of petroleum to prevent the wall from absorbing damp from the water. It has been used widely in construction for the benefit of it.


Kitchen renovation can be a nuisance because of its intensity of details and care, but it is definitely worth it to promote better health and not to mention – your wallet! These are not just the only tips that can help to lower down the humidity of your kitchen, in fact, there are more out there! However, as these are the major causes of humidity in the kitchen, hopefully they can be a great assistance to your planning for your upcoming kitchen renovation!

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