Bohemian Design for the Singaporean Kitchen

Modern kitchens mostly convey a neutral appeal to the decoration. However, the need for a more simple and eco-friendly lifestyle has relived the interest for homely, whimsy, bohemian style kitchens.
Originated from East-Central Europe, the Bohemian style is generally used by the nomads and the artistic people. It is a blend of styles and cultures where you can use what you have owned throughout your life.
The relaxed feel of a bohemian kitchen is something highly sought-after by Singaporean homeowners. With more personality than a contemporary kitchen, the bohemian style can indeed be the perfect choice for the heart of your home. Below are three bohemian kitchen designs that will spark your creativity for your kitchen renovation project!

Amazing Bohemian Style


Amazing Bohemian Kitchen
Amazing Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via

Featuring various styles fusion in high contrast tones, this kitchen has achieved the amazing Bohemian outlook. The combination of white wall as a foundation, warmed up with a rustic wood beams and stroked through with fierce black industrial copper pendant, this kitchen has attained the superbly exquisite appearance.
The arrangement of colors, texture and patterns is done in a magnificent order. The gallery wall creates the bold and whimsical visual. Furthermore, the vintage pantry cabinet works as a natural border, defining the center of the kitchen.

Amazing Bohemian Kitchen Interior
Amazing Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via
Otherwise, you may mix up the colors and patterns for an amazing Bohemian look. You can paint the walls with either a bright color or a mixture of colors as this will give the kitchen an artistic feel.

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Lively Bohemian Style


Lively Bohemian Kitchen Interior
Lively Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via

This lively Bohemian kitchen is unquestionably enchanting. The Mediterranean style raised from the blue and red patterned floor tiles adds a lovely colorful noise to the kitchen. In addition, the built-in vent acts as floating shelves, enhancing its architectural appearance.
The artistic vibe in this lively Bohemian kitchen is unequivocally overwhelming. The red ceiling pendant strikes through the overall white appearance, creating a really interesting accent. The eccentric art sublimes the overall exceptional and sophisticated appearance.

Lively Bohemian Kitchen Interior
Lively Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via

Bohemian can be an approach, a color scheme or an influence on the textures you choose or products you buy. A bohemian kitchen should be freeing, warm and precious. For instance, the application of a light color scheme along with dark, unusual wood kitchen table will give your kitchen a lively look.

Simple Bohemian Style


Simple Bohemian Kitchen Interior
Simple Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via

The details in this overall white kitchen are the essence. They are paramount for the breezy and feminine vibe that is clearly obvious in this simple bohemian kitchen. The tall wood kitchen island with dark walnut work top adds natural and breezy ambiance to the surrounding.
The brilliant combination of colors and patterns in this simple Bohemian kitchen is an eye-catcher. On top of that, the modern and contemporary ceiling pendant adds industrial and cool note in the kitchen.
Simple Bohemian Kitchen Interior
Simple Bohemian Kitchen Interior (Image Via

Alternatively, you may also incorporate open display shelving that is made from wood. Utilize plants and natural wood to give the kitchen a warm and charming look. Rustic and vintage styles also work well with it as they help create an ecstatic and lively ambiance.

All in all, the Bohemian style is more than a specific interior decor style. It is a way of thinking and a way of lifestyle; a specific perception of bright colors and artistic patterns. Applying this style in the kitchen can result in a really welcoming and whimsical ambiance.
A Bohemian kitchen is for you if you are against strict design rules and want to embrace the creative and artistic side of life. It is just perfect for people who seek for cozy and inspiring appearance of the kitchen.

Thus, whether you renovate your entire kitchen or just invest in a piece or two, achieving a bohemian feel can be done instantaneously. Do try some of the above bohemian design inspirations and make sure to let your kitchen go Boho! You will not regret it.

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