5 Captivating Features on Why Dekton Singapore is Popular

5 Captivating Features on Why Dekton Singapore is Popular

Our recent investigation of quartz, quartzite, marble, granite, concrete, and laminate countertops led us to the conclusion that one counter material, Dekton, merited its own in-depth analysis. Since it was first made available in 2013, this information has gradually grown in visibility and appeal. High-tech Dekton is proving to be very durable and is quickly replacing quartz as a popular tabletop material. Let’s Explore.

But before we start with the features, we will first start by saying what is Dekton Singapore, “DEKTON is a clever synthesis of the raw elements used to create the most cutting-edge glass, porcelain, and quartz work surfaces. Dekton uses proprietary Sinterized Particle Technology, a high-tech method that speeds up the metamorphic transformation that natural stone goes through when exposed to high heat and pressure over a long period of time.

Due to the sinterization and ultra-compaction process unique to DEKTON, the material has 0% porosity, which can be fully appreciated thanks to electronic microscopy. As far as DEKTON is concerned, the distinction is this zero porosity and absence of the micro-defects that lead to tension or weak places.

Dekton Singapore Feature 1: Resistance

Dekton Singapore countertop is a countertop that uses a smaller portion of quartz than quartz countertop. Because of that it gains heat resistance that normal quartz countertop does not have, and due to it being originated from quartz, it is abrasion, staining, heat, and cuts resistant.

Nonetheless, as the countertop is using a lesser portion of quartz, it has a lighter and smoother surface, due to this, Dekton countertop is much more vulnerable to scratches and cuts than basic quartz countertops.


Dekton Singapore Feature 2: Fire & Heat Resistant

Just as mentioned above, Dekton Singapore countertops gained the ability to resist heat and fire. Due to this, it is able to be listed as one of the materials for outdoor kitchen countertops. As UV light is not directly in contact with the countertop, the temperature of the countertop will not be affected much by it, making it somewhat heat resistant.

Nevertheless, it is still a quartz countertop, if it collides with a burning object, the countertop may not be scorched but damages will be shown and the beauty of the once Dekton countertop may be lost forever. With that in mind, it is well advised to prevent any direct clashes between blazing objects and Dekton Singapore countertops.


Dekton Singapore Feature 3: Non-Porous

Just as quartz countertops, Dekton Singapore countertops are also an engineered countertop that possesses no gaps between each other. This feature is standard for manufactured countertops, also known as non-porous. This feature is the ability to not be able to let any type of moisture squeeze through the surface of the countertop, which prevents stains. It is able to do so due to stains being made by having water-like liquid inside a pressured space for a certain amount of time.

Not only that, thanks to this ability, quartz countertops are very environmentally friendly as microorganisms that shelter inside the fluid cannot sneak into the countertop. This is large as microorganisms are sometimes harmful, if such harmful microorganisms are kept in the countertop for too long, it is wise to dismantle the whole countertop for safety measure.


Dekton Singapore Feature 4: Easy to Maintain

Other than that, having the ability, non-porous, also makes cleaning and maintenance much effortless. Cause the water cannot escape into the countertop, wiping it off the surface is a piece of cake, and it only requires common water and soap. In addition, naturally, for natural stone countertops without this ability, they are needed to pay for sealing, an outer protection for countertops to not get stains. For artificial countertops with the ability to be non-porous, this protection is unnecessary and therefore saves money.

However, the countertop is not chemical proof, you may need to be extra careful on what kind of chemical is used on this type of countertop. As if touch with chemicals that are the countertop is not fond of, it may cause damages that are similar to stains. This happens because the chemicals open the gaps from within and make the countertop vulnerable to water. Water cannot be added into the artificial countertops but if pushed in by hand then it is possible to have the chemical enter the countertops. Hence it is advised to be very careful with the detergents used.


Dekton Singapore Feature 5: Affordability

Now, we will talk about the price that Dekton Singapore countertops cost. Compared to quartz, quartzite, marble, and granite, which have uninstalled costs that are equal to or more than those of Dekton, it is substantially less costly. Moreover, adding the part that maintenance is not necessary for Dekton countertops, it is highly considered a countertop that is more affordable than a normal quartz countertop.


In Conclusion

Dekton Singapore countertops are much more affordable than quartz countertops, but it still depends on people’s perspectives as they may not find Dekton countertops tempting. Well, it is easy to install thanks to the light weighted property increased, and when it is also good with the looks. It may be easy to destroy by human hand but not by nature, with that in mind, we can say that it is considered as a good countertop in the end.

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