Dekton Countertop: 3 Amazing Reasons You Should Choose It

Time to get a new kitchen countertop? You may have gone through various types of countertop materials, and you may have come across the name Dekton. Dekton is a cutting-edge material that has gained popularity in recent years for its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance in home and commercial applications.

You may have done a lot of research online, looking for the perfect material for your countertop. You have plenty of options when it comes to countertop materials. It can be overwhelming, and it may come to your mind why you should choose Dekton and what exactly it is.

We all know the importance of getting the right countertop material for your kitchen space. There are reasons why Dekton is getting popular in recent years. In this article, we will discuss Dekton more and cover why you should consider Dekton for your countertop surface.

What Is Dekton Made Of?

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Dekton is made from a proprietary blend of raw materials, including glass, porcelain, and quartz. It is created with a unique fabrication process called Sinterized Particle Technology. It accelerates the metamorphic changes in natural stone, resulting in a non-porous and highly durable surface.

The process involves mixing the raw materials and compressing under high pressure and heat to create a dense, ultra-compact slab resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. The actual process uses compressors that squash at 5900 psi (pounds per square inch) and ovens that reach 2191°F.

Sintering differs from melting as it uses heat and pressure to combine disparate materials into a unified whole. This high-tech option creates a synthetic replica using raw materials that can be turned into an ultra-compact surface. The material is available in a range of colors and finishes to suit different design preferences and can be used for various applications, such as countertops and flooring.

Reason To Choose Dekton #1 - Durability

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The durability of the countertop is important, especially in a busy area such as the kitchen. You may have a question about whether Dekton countertop is durable, and the answer is yes. The process of creating Dekton creates a dense, ultra-compact surface that is highly resistant to scratches, stains and heat.

Dekton is a non-porous surface like quartz, meaning it doesn’t absorb liquids or bacteria. There won’t be any stain issues with Dekton. It is easy to clean and maintain. Manufacturers usually recommend nothing more than water and soap to clean it.

Speaking about maintenance, unlike marble or granite, the Dekton countertop doesn’t require any sealing or re-sealing maintenance. Helping you to save some maintenance costs. The high resistance to scratch allows homeowners to use kitchen utensils without worrying about scratching the countertop.

Heat resistance is something homeowners are usually concerned about, as most of us tend to put hot pans and pots on top of the countertop. Dekton countertops can withstand high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage. The surface doesn’t need any trays or hot plates to protect it. You can remove your food from the oven and place it on the countertop without worrying about it.

One thing you want to be concerned about is the impact damage. If the force is big enough, dropping something from a high enough point can dent or crack the Dekton surface. You won’t be able to fix a cracked Dekton countertop; the only option is to replace the entire slab. But chips can be repaired, and they won’t be too noticeable.

Reason To Choose Dekton #2 - Colors, Finishes And Thickness

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Dekton countertops offer an extensive range of colors, finishes, and thicknesses. It will be easy for homeowners to find a style that matches their kitchen designs. With over 50 colors to choose from, you will be spoilt with choice.

From classic whites and greys to bold colors like reds and blues, you will find a color you like no matter what design you are into. There is also a range of finishes you can choose from. Finishes available include matte, velvet, or gloss. You can choose according to your need. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your countertop.

Dekton offers a variety of options ranging from 8mm to 30mm in terms of thickness. Depending on the specific application and design requirement, you can choose according to your need. Whether you are looking for a thin, sleek countertop, or a thick, chunky one, this flexibility allows a range of creative possibilities.

Reason To Choose Dekton #3 - UV Resistance

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Allowing natural light into the house is unavoidable, especially for those who prefer it. UV resistance will be a factor that homeowners will want to consider when it comes to UV rays, as natural lights will cause fade or discoloration of the surface.

UV resistance will help to prevent the surface from fading or discoloration. They are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight over time. This is due to the unique manufacturing process that Dekton undergoes. It involves using advanced technology to create a surface that is UV resistance.

This feature not only suits countertops for indoors. If you are going for an outdoor kitchen, you definitely want one that can be exposed to sunlight. It will be a great choice for both indoor and outdoor countertops.

How Expensive Are Dekton Countertops?


Dekton countertops are generally considered to be a premium countertop material. It can be more expensive than some other options on the market. But considering the long-term benefits of this material, it is worth the investment. The exact cost will depend on various factors, such as the countertop size, color, style, etc.

Here are some factors that will affect the cost

1. One full slab without a seam will be more expensive as it is easier to manufacture smaller pieces, especially when dealing with corners. Getting one full slab will have a higher cost.

2. The patterns and distinctive texture will also affect the cost. It will be more expensive than solid-color Dekton countertops. This is because the patterns are pressed onto the surface, and it will increase the overall cost of labor.

3. The thickness of the countertop will also affect the price. The thicker the material is, the more expensive it will be.

The cost of a Dekton countertop will depend on your needs and preference. Get a quote from a reputable countertop installer to determine whether it is the best choice. However, they are likely to last for decades with proper care, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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