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With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, Corian will make all your design aspirations come true. Achieve your dreams while still selecting a quality product that will stand up to whatever your life may throw at it. They will try to ensure you can rest easy knowing you’ve picked a surface to last a lifetime.

Corian solid surface countertop consists of countless colors and styles that can satisfy all customers’ expectations and at the same time, be functional. It is also durable to preserve its looks and survives the impacts of sharp or heavy objects. Their countertops cannot delaminate, the joints will not show seams, and fluids cannot penetrate due to their nature of being non-porous.

Being non-porous make it stain-resistant and not able to port microorganisms, not only that, but it is also easy to clean a non-porous surface. Their countertop surfaces are renewable and inherently environmentally friendly. Dense stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with a household cleaner.

Corian’s Solid Surface has been certified to be free from dangerous chemicals and with very few Volatile Organic Compounds to contribute to cleaner air and Greenbuilding certification. The seamless look of integrated Corian countertops also means there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.

Having said that, it still holds limitations. The most obvious will be that it is highly not resistant to heat, it is vulnerable to contact with high-level temperature. It is at risk of scratches, as the material is softer than natural stones. It is also unguarded towards chemicals, if exposed to nail polish remover, paint thinner, lacquer, over cleaner, or other harsh chemicals, the countertop will be harmed.

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"I am thankful to Corian for introducing me to this wonderful countertop. It is easy to work with, especially the cleaning, I couldn't see any stains or seams at all even though I have used it for so long."
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
"I was not really sure of Corian even if they assure me of the quality. For us customers, rather than paper proof, we will like to try it and experience the effects of the countertop first hand. Now that I have, I am satisfy and grateful of the fact that I did purchased the countertop at that moment."
Pablo Gusterio
Client of Company
"I do not care much about the certifications, as they mostly does not prove anything, We mostly trust more on actual people's experiences as they are much reliable than any kinds of paper. Now I am thankful to Corian to introducing me to their countertop, cause after experiencing their countertop's blessing, I don't think I can live without it."
Kristina Lee
Client of Company

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