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How to Create Living Room That Works

Are you moving into a new residence or just want to give a new look to your sweet home? Both large and small spaces need to be properly planned and utilised to suit your dream home style – from classic, contemporary, plain, British, retro, futuristic to thematic.
After a long day at work, all you need is a good time with your family. It can be watching your favourite series, playing board games, making little art work together or just sitting on your couch chatting with your kids, all in your comfortable living room space. A good living room storage and its layout are vital and can be beneficial to you and your family. A comfortable home makes a happy atmosphere too.
There are 4 areas you need to look into before you start setting up a schedule with your contractor and arranging your beautiful furniture. I suggest you draw a simple image to make sure all are well-organized.
Living Room

The Wall

Choosing the right design for your walls is the number one in the list to tackle. Depending on your preferred atmosphere design, the colours and patterns create differences.
There is wall sticker with thousands of designs available in the market to add liveliness your walls, including floral, trees, animals and wordings. For the colours, most people will pick the light ones such as white, light blue and beige for the room to look bigger. Working adults like and you crave for a space to relax on holidays and light paint colours can achieve that. Bright colours like yellow and orange bring you an energetic vibe. Dark colours like black and grey provide simple ambience and visually make the room look smaller.
For a thematic wall, here are some recommendations on paint colour:

  • Light blue for ocean theme
  • Dark blue for marine or sailor theme
  • Pink for romantic theme
  • Grey and brown for static theme
  • Purple for elegant theme

You can have a feature wall that matches the wall colour too in a living room, behind the television for example. Kompacplus is a good material because of its various choices of designs: Wooden series, Motif pattern and Solid series.
Living Room

The Floor

Before moving in the furniture, you need to get the floor suitably spread out. A wide range of flooring designs is available with advantages. If you are new to this, pick one from the trendy flooring materials below:

  • Marble. It is the type of flooring material with natural vein pattern. It is almost impossible to find another piece with the same pattern as they are all unique. Marble surface is also coated with shines and its surface is cooling to walk on.
  • Slate-Lite. It is a stone veneer with a real stone surface and flexible cotton-based or fiber glass backing. Slate-Lite carries an incredible light effect from within, creating a dazzling ground. Its outstanding patterns such as California Gold and Molto Rosa represent a vintage era.
  • Granite. It is another natural rock that combines aesthetic and durability. Granite flooring shows sophistication and confidence of the house owner. There are many patterns to choose from: Emerald Pearl, Chinese Granite, Jet Black and many more.
  • It is a composite material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time. Concrete floor has all the strength and durability of a street or highway. Properly sealed and polished concrete floor requires low maintenance.

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Living Room

The Lighting

After spending time choosing the right design for your floor and wall, house owners should plan on the lighting in your living room. The lighting in a room changes the mood and reflects the size of the room from various angles.  Your living rooms require three types of lighting: ambient, positional and recessed. Ambient light provides a room with overall illumination, positional lighting directs light to certain work zones, and recessed lighting can be used in floors and ceilings to create vertical beams of light as opposed to an overall glow from central light fixtures hanging from a ceiling.

  • Daylight or natural light gives illusion of space to your living room. You will feel cramped if the room does not have sufficient daylight, especially if the room size is small and furniture are arranged close to each other. Daylight has stronger power in an illusion of space because it light up the whole room (man-made lights only transmit to certain areas) and shows off the colours of your wall and furniture better.


  • There are three things to consider: colour, functionality and space. For the colour of your lamp, yellow and white lights make the room look more spacious and provide a relax mood, while dark lights do the opposite. Each lamp in your room needs to serve a purpose and not just for decoration, or it would be a waste of electricity. A chandelier in the centre of your living room brings excellent illumination to the room. You can also place a wall light to visually add length and size to it. When you have a tiny living room, corner lamps, wall sconces and chandelier on the ceiling can help brighten your room.

Living Room

The Furniture

Finally, you get to visit the happening furniture boutique or IKEA. Selecting suitable furniture for your living room and to arrange them right can be quite tricky. You need to complement the wall and floor, build appropriate space, and consider the furniture functionality at the same time.
You can pick a comfortable couch in light colours such as beige, white, light brown if your living room theme is cosy or laid back. For younger and funky room, exclusively-designed armchair can be placed beside your couch. Add a similar colour carpet underneath your couch and coffee table set to protect the flooring. Shelf units and bookcases should be against the wall to save space and look neat.
When you can’t find what you dreamt of in any furniture store, get a few custom-made furniture done from a trusted supplier. Does a tailored dining table, coffee table or decorative item sounds good?
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