Versatile Slate Lite

Slate Lite – The Original Stone Veneer

What is Slate Lite?

Slate Lite is revolutionary stone. It is a paper-thin real stone veneer. It is of 100% natural stone from all around the world. Which is cut into very thin slabs. Then, supported with a flexible cotton-based or fiberglass backing. This backing enforces the material giving it better stability, flexibility, and usability. All those properties are present despite it being extremely lightweight.

Besides, that, it’s extremely robust and variable while looking exquisite. So, it can be used anywhere within homes for any use. It can be used as wall coverings, flooring, decor, and etc.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise it’s is gaining popularity as a go-to furnishing solution. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why your home needs Slate Lite.

Why Your Home Should Have Slate Lite?

Great Versatility & Flexibility

Versatile Slate Lite
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Slate Lite is an incredibly versatile material. This can be attributed to its thinness. Which, allows its complete flexibility and unbelievable lightness (1.5 kg/m2) for stone. This flexibility and lightness are what makes it the only real stone that one can sew and paste like fabric. Besides that, it’s convenient to handle and easy to install. Which leads to it being an ideal furnishing solution. No longer are contractors constrained with stone. With it, curves and bends no longer pose an issue.

Slate Lite being of stone, fiberglass, and epoxy gives it extreme heft. Which makes it suitable for any type of use. It can be used as a wall covering inside and outside. As well as in wet or dry areas. And, cover just about any surface, despite the purpose of the area. Be it on kitchen countertops, living room wall paneling, or bathroom flooring. Not only is it ideal purposefully, but it’s even ideal decoratively.

To add it comes in innumerable variations. So, there’s a color, texture, pattern, and use suited for any desire.

Wide Variety

Versatile Slate Lite
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Did you know, every sheet of Slate Lite is unique? This is because it’s of natural stone. It’s patterns, texture, and hues are as it is cut from a natural slab. It is not man-made and fake. Most slabs are sourced from naturally rich regions like Europe and Africa. Stone finishes differ according to region. So, this enables it to have an even wider range of stone finishes.

To add, it gets further processing to expand its variety. Processors make it in various thicknesses depending on its use. Its thickness can be reduced to the extent that it can be bent or cut anyhow. And, even used as a backlit surface for lighting.

Did you know Slate Lite slabs come in over 200 3D varieties too? This gives it even more vamp and variety. Imagine the textures one could add to a home with all the possible varieties.

Proven Durability & Robustness

Versatile Slate Lite
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Stone is known for its heft and strength. How would it fare in that with its thickness largely reduced as with Slate Lite? Its durability does not get compromised. Did you know? It’s stronger than typical stone tiles on the market.

It is made with patented German technology. That, combines a thin layer of stone to polyester resin and cotton based or fiberglass support. Which gives it that added flexibility and lightness without compromising strength. In addition, immense durability and stability. The fiberglass support even gives it flame resistant properties.

It’s a robust furnishing solution. It can be used for just about any use in any place or environment. So, inside or out, wet or dry, it will weather the test of use.

An Exquisite Look Like No Other

Versatile Slate Lite
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Slate Lite is of natural stone. Natural stone has a look, unlike any other material. Its natural colors/ hues, textures, and patterns don’t repeat as man-made materials do. Every single slab of Slate Lite is unique.

With it you get to reap the natural beauty of real stone without the constraints of high cost and limited applications. To add, its natural color and texture mixes are intense. And, could not be rivaled with any man-made material.

Something about natural stone gives any home an added regal and sophisticated look. Slate Lite allows this look to be reproduced within your home easily. And, for any desired use.

Sustainable & Safe

Versatile Slate Lite
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Slate Lite offers numerous environmental advantages due to its composition and manufacturing method:

  • Sustainability: Made from 100% natural stone, Slate Lite boasts an enduring life-cycle, easy maintenance, and recyclability. Its revolutionary production process extracts thin layers from larger stone slabs, maximizing material use and minimizing resource depletion.
  • Energy Efficiency: Natural stone, like that in Slate Lite facades, outperforms glass facades in energy efficiency. Its lower heat transfer coefficient reduces heat loss and gain, potentially lowering air conditioning costs in hot climates.
  • Safety: Slate Lite is composed of harmless components that meet high quality standards. This makes it safe for use anywhere in your home, without compromising your family’s well-being.

Slate Lite’s benefits extend beyond sustainability and safety: it’s a highly versatile, trustworthy product with countless applications. If you enjoyed learning about Slate Lite, consider exploring these related topics:


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