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Become A Granite Selection Expert With 5 Tips

Granite is something you want to get for your kitchen top, but when it comes to granite selection, it can be confusing and stressful. With the wide range of granite selections, there are many things to consider. You wouldn’t want to get one that didn’t match your kitchen design or have some problem with the material and end up changing your granite countertop.

There are various designs and patterns for you to choose from, and most of them are natural. There are also more than 200 granite colors for you to choose from to match your kitchen cabinets. You will definitely get stressed out with all the choices.

As a homeowner who wants to get a granite countertop, especially if you are a first-timer, you will want to know how to choose from the wide range of granite selections. With the tips from this article, you will get a rough idea of getting suitable granite for your home.

Granite Selection #1 - Your First Choice Is Most Likely The Best

Granite Selection

It is normal that you will compare and look for the best granite choice to match your kitchen cabinets and decors.

During your visits to the shops, you might have seen various patterns and colors of the granite slab. There will be one particular granite that catches your attention, and you will be thinking in your mind telling yourself that you would want this. It matches so well with your kitchen design and compliments your kitchen appliance.

But then, like most granite shoppers, you might fear that this may not be the best choice for your kitchen. There may be other choices that will match your kitchen design. You will think that you want to go through more granite selections before deciding so you won’t miss anything.

But then, the worst part comes. The more you see, the more you get confused and frustrated. You can’t find any others which make let you feel it’s the perfect match, such as the first choice that you decided. You ended up getting the first choice that impressed you the most.

It is definitely good to have more choices to compare, but sometimes the first choice will be the best. It deserves to go into your kitchen.

Granite Selection #2 - Go light or dark

Granite Selection

The color of the granite you choose may affect the effect it will have in the kitchen rather than just choosing the color. When choosing between light or dark granite, you will want to consider a few things. You will want to be careful during your granite selection.

A light color granite will be best for a small kitchen, such as beige, gray or white. It can make your kitchen space look larger. The only problem is that a light color granite will show up with more stains. But granite is normally stain-resistant.

If you are looking for a more modern kitchen design, dark color granite offers a dramatic look, especially if your kitchen is large. Besides that, it works best with white or light cabinetry. If you have no idea what color to choose, brown and beige are the most adaptable color. It works well with most kitchen styles.

Granite Selection #3 - Glitters May Not Be Your Choice

Granite Selection

When it comes to granite selection, those granite colors with lots of glitters must have caught your eyesight, and you may have loved all those glitters in the granite. But you know what, if you are a cook who is just busy cooking for your family, those glittering isn’t that important. Your kitchen won’t be a showpiece like what some homeowners do. You will be just busy cooking for your family, who just wants more of your food.

The granite you will put into your kitchen should be robust and withstand any impact you are likely to make on the countertop. Also, it should be hard enough to withstand any spills. The glittery granite that just caught your attention may not be suitable for your kitchen.

Those natural stones with glittering mica and gold spots may not even be granite. Granite traders tend to use the name for ease of sale. They are less forgiving and also not cheap.

Besides that, it can be prone to cracking and chipping, so try to avoid those glittery stones which aren’t even true granite. Some trustable granite fabricators will tend to educate their customers about the disadvantages of these stones.

These glittering stones are more suitable to be installed for some fancy bar tops or to decorate the counters in an elegant office less prone to impact. So it is better to select some true granite for your kitchen than glittering.

Granite Selection #4 - Pick A Unique Pattern

Granite Selection

Most people focus on color regarding granite selection, but the granite pattern can be a better hook sometimes. There are three basic patterns for granite: marbled, speckled, and solid.

Speckled granite is quite popular with a variation in color and texture. It can be a good choice if you want to match it with simple accent cabinets. Or add some interest to stainless-steel appliances. Marbled granite has a very smooth transition. At the same time, solid granite has little variation in its pattern. It can be a good choice for a small kitchen.

Besides that, you will want to consider the color of your kitchen. If it is too colorful or has a busy kitchen design, you will want to look for granite with a more or less solid look as a contrast. If you have a simple kitchen look, try looking for a striking pattern to provide a good accent.

Granite Selection #5 - A Granite Slab May Not Be The Choice You Want

Granite Selection

The beauty of full granite slabs may stun you, and you might think these granite slabs are a piece of art for you. Some patterns on the granite slab may give an appearance like beautiful paint.

It can be really beautiful, but you will need to consider the countertop layout. Counter layout, such as L shaped or U shaped countertops, the cabinet width is 24″ from front to back. The granite countertops that will be installed will be 25.5″, so what will happen to the beautiful slab that you think is a beautiful paint? It is going to be cut and fabricated to fit your cabinets. The design that you think is beautiful is going to be cut into fitting sizes to cover your cabinets.

So, you won’t be getting what you saw as a full granite slab. But if you plan to have a big kitchen island or huge peninsulas, you can consider using this type of granite slab. You will want to discuss with your granite fabricator to get a full layout of your kitchen countertops before you finalize your granite selection.

Color Option For Your Granite Selection

Granite Selection

The color for your granite selection can also be a tough decision. There are many things to consider, such as your kitchen size, your kitchen’s brightness, whether the color matches your kitchen cabinets, etc. Here are some popular colors for you to consider for your granite selection if you haven’t got any idea. 

Black granite: It can give your kitchen an elegant look. If you are looking for a classic look, pair them up with wood cabinets. Besides that, you can match them with a gray or white cabinet for a sleek and modern feel. As it is a dark color, it will darken up the space. It will be best for spaces with large windows, as it will bring natural light to brighten the space. If you insist on having black granite but don’t have much light in your kitchen, match it with a white or light wood cabinet to let your space brighten up. 

White granite: It helps to promote a clean, fresh, and open feel in the kitchen. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a modern look. It will look great with stainless steel appliances and sleek white cabinets. You can also match it with vintage appliances for a classic vibe. White granite can fit in well with most décor styles. But you will want to pay attention to the granite shade. It can be hard to find pure white granite, as most of it will contain colored flecks. You can consider getting a sample home before purchasing to ensure that the color match your kitchen design.

Red granite: You can find red granite in most ancient Egyptian pyramids and their building and decoration. It has a wide range, from bright pinkish red to deep burgundy, with many shades and patterns. If you prefer to have some highlights in your granite, you can find blue, white, or silver highlights in red granite. You want to take note of some details if you want to install red granite. Try to keep other finishes neutral, or it will be too overwhelming in your kitchen space. Pair it up with wood kitchen cabinets in a warm tone. 

Green Granite: Natural is the first thing you will associate with green. It can bring a natural and calming feeling to your kitchen. You can find interesting swirls, dots, and patterns in green granite. Pair it up with white cabinets and shiny hardware for a fresh, inviting look. It also works well with wood cabinetry. You will want to take note of is different lighting can bring out different ones in the green. 

Blue granite: You can divide the patterns in blue granite into two categories: homogeneous and veined. The granite’s minerals in homogenous and evenly distributed, creating a uniform pattern. At the same time, minerals form swirls in the category of veined. The most bases you can see in blue granites will be blue and black. There is a wide range of overall appearances for you to choose from. It can pair well with many cabinet colors. 

Of course, there are many more colors for you to choose from for your granite selection. The most important is how it brings out the look of your kitchen design. 

Reasons Why Granite Is Popular?

Granite Selection

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. So what exactly makes it popular? Here are some reasons:

Increasing the value of your home: The first thing people will ask for in a kitchen is granite countertops. It can be quite a disappointment when they can’t get it and walk away with other types of material. Granite is the most popular among all materials because of its natural beauty and durability. Besides that, it can convey a luxury feel in your home. It can help increase your home’s value, and you can expect a 100% return when you plan to sell your house. It can be a selling point for your house. 

Incomparable in style and design: Granite designs are all unique. You won’t find any identical pieces. Each piece will have its own charm and appeal. There are various colors for you to choose from. It is a one-of-a-kind design. The colors can be dramatic, but also others have a softer tone. The granite slab emulates the look of marble but comes with durability. Maintenance can be easy also. The price of granite can be competitive compared with quartz and some engineered stone. 

Stain, etch, and heat resistant: You wouldn’t want to harm the surface of your granite. Wiping the surface after each meal with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser is enough to keep the beautiful look of your granite. It is stain and etch resistant. Besides that, if you place a hot pot on it, it won’t scorch as it is heat resistant. You can seal your granite countertop for extra protection and have a lifetime warranty against staining. 

Affordable, long-term investment: Proper maintenance of granite countertops can last your lifetime. Those more expensive materials than granite are more likely to be replaced twice, while granite can maintain over the next 30 years. They are able to take the brunt of the daily routine. 

Uniqueness: Each piece of granite slab is unique in its design. You can preview the entire granite slab and choose one that you want for your kitchen. The classic look of the granite slab will remain in style.

With all these simple tips, all of you have a chance to become a granite selection expert. It isn’t hard to become a granite selection expert. By now, you should have a better idea of selecting the perfect granite for your kitchen design. Remember, the granite you select will accompany you for a lifetime, so choose one that fits your need and meets your requirement.

Besides that, you will want to take note of the granite quality. Not all the qualities are the same. Harms to the granite may be caused during the process. You will want to find a reputable granite professional to get one for your countertop. So be careful with it.

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