Kompacplus: The Pros and Cons

KompacPlus For Your Home

KompacPlus brings you the balance between sustainability and aesthetics in your home. Its innovatively designed panels are crafted with precision and are built to outlast a lifetime. KompacPlus makes itself the material of choice for people who seek the ideal aesthetic experience.

Kompacplus is a pioneering material made from layers of kraft paper and resin using rigorous engineering techniques. The material is only 6mm thick. Although it is only 6mm thick the panels are highly irrepressible against daily wear and tear. Aside from it being resilient towards wear and tear, it is also water- and steam-resistant, and are non-porous. It makes it an extremely durable and hygienic surface to have in your home.

You may not think much about KompacPlus when wanting to give your counter tops an upgrade. Maybe some of these pros and cons will  make you consider it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of perusing this material in your home.

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The Benefits:


KompacPlus is made from layers of kraft paper and resin using arduous engineering techniques. The material is only 6mm thick. Although it is a really thin material, it has inherently low flammability and will not disintegrate. Hence, it is an excellent choice for even countertops in your kitchen. This makes it the perfect material for you to leave your hot cooking on.

Waterproof and Steam-proof.

People may doubt its waterproof capabilities, but in truth it works. KompacPlus has an extremely dense and non-porous characteristic makes it suitable and ideal even for your bathroom. So sit back and feel confident your favourite panels will retain its shape in wet or high-steam concentrated areas.

Beautifully constructed.

KompacPlus is made to strike durability with timeless design. It’s versatility is unmatched with its 6mm thickness, coupled with rigorous engineering technique.

Incredibly resilient. Moulded to conform to the BS EN 438 European Standards, this material makes itself resilient to wear and tear after many years of heavy use. With such stellar standard, you can be worry-free of its pliability.

Minimal Maintenance.

You can be rest-assured that KompacPlus is designed to be beautiful, lasting and fuss free. You don’t have to spend too much time cleaning your surfaces made from this particular material. It is a material that needs minimal care. An occasional wipe-down every now and then allows you to enjoy a long lasting, clean looking KompacPlus surface for many years to come.

Protection against bacteria.

Knowing that KompacPlus requires little maintenance and cleaning to keep it hygienic, it is also resistant to any bacteria. Its non-porous material makes it resistant to any types of microorganisms. This ensures your family is healthy and safe in the most low maintenance way.

The Downside:

Not so pretty.

If you are to compare KompacPlus to renovation materials made with the same constituents, it may not look as attractive or appealing. Compare it to quartz or marble, you can tell the difference in it contrasting exquisiteness.

In spite of all that difference in looks, this material has its own uses, its practicality and minimal maintenance. A versatile material, fitting choice for your kitchen counter tops.

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