Silestone: Everything You Need to Know in 2019

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and this area is fast gaining importance, along with its decoration. So it is no surprise to find a wide range of different styles that allow homeowners to adapt their kitchen to their own personal style, down to the very last detail.

However, it can be difficult sometimes to make up your mind considering a vast variety of countertop materials in the market when you desire to choose one that matches your lifestyle and space.

Fret no more if you choose Silestone. Recently, it has become the perfect option for kitchen and bathroom countertops over and above other traditional materials such as granite or natural stone. What? Don’t you know about Silestone yet? Read on and find out more!

What is Silestone?

Silestone Countertops
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Silestone is a surface material used to make kitchen countertops, sinks, floors, shower trays, and wall cladding for bathroom. Boasting outstanding properties, it offers beauty similar to natural stone in a wide range of colours and extraordinary textures.

Known for its durability and non-porous structure, the material is hard and more resistant to scratches, stains, bacteria, and viruses than other countertop surfaces.

Easy to maintain and customize, the homeowner is able to achieve a high-end look without requiring high-end maintenance. Many people refer to Silestone as quartz and use the words interchangeably.

How is Silestone Made?

Silestone is made of more than 90% natural quartz, with the remainder being polyester resin, colour agents, and antimicrobial protection. The polyester resin is what binds and holds the quartz crystals together, creating the Silestone surface.

Silestone resembles granite and marble but shines a little brighter. The quartz crystals within it give more sparkle than the naturally occurring materials. The look from start to finish is engineered, and each manufacturer has a colour palette, size, style and finish options that it makes available to customers.

The Advantages of Silestone

As the best choice to marry functionality and aesthetic in one of the spaces more important for your family, Silestone provides the touch of distinction that your kitchen needs. It introduces the beauty of quartz into your home and bring elegance and resilience to your rooms. Let us look into the particular advantages in detail provided by Silestone.

Endless Design Possibilities

Silestone Countertops
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It is very important to decide on the colour used in the kitchen. Silestone offers an extensive range of more than 90 colours and 50 different shades. Hence, you can unleash your creativity by adapting your spaces to any trendsetting style with maximum personalization.

To top it off, Silestone also comes with 3 different textures to combine, enabling endless design possibilities. They make your imagination fly and have your countertop, flooring or walling with the texture that you have always wanted.

Polished – The original Silestone texture, the look and feel that stands the test of time. With glimmering radiance and the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestone original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.
Suede – Best touch ever. The Silestone Suede finished is a remarkable textured surface that offers a soft touch. Give to your senses a unique surface in pure beauty and elegance, Suede posses a velvety touch and a total colour consistency that will enhance the beauty of your designs.
Volcano – A soft and rustic texture, Volcano is the result of R&D effort to find an attractive surface that answer the market demand by extending the offer for those who loves the rugged materials.

Adaptable Sizes & Formats

Silestone Countertops
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Your kitchen’s style often depends on its size. As the leader in design and architecture, Silestone allows you to adapt your kitchen to any style, regardless of its sizes. With surface slabs from different thicknesses and finishes, Silestone puts no limits on your imagination and enables you to maximize space optimization.

Edges – There are endless design options with Silestone, know the edges possibilities for your bathroom or kitchen countertop.
Straight bevelled edge – The straight edge has the same thickness as the countertop but with a straight finish.

2+2 eased edge – This type of edge gives the countertop continuity while maintaining its shock and scratch resistance.
Bullnose – A totally rounded finish that creates a sensation of complete continuity in the kitchen, while maintaining the same countertops thickness.
Dove chest – A traditional edge formed by a finish with very elegant curves.
Mitred – The perfect solution, to which a side piece is added to add robustness to the kitchen or bathroom countertop.
Demi-bullnose – An edge with the same countertop thickness that softens the kitchen or bathroom countertop with a curved finish.

Non-Porous & Stain-Resistant 

Cleaning Silestone Surface
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Silestone’s non-porous property lends itself a high resistance to stains from coffee, olive oil, vinegar, and many other everyday products. Therefore, you don’t need a particular cleaning product to clean your Silestone countertop. With just simple cleaning after use, it’s indeed pretty easy to clean and maintain Silestone.

Ultimately, the main characteristic responsible for Silestone’s popularity is that it presents extreme durability in kitchen and bathroom spaces where traffic and daily use is high.

N-Boost Technology 

Silestone'S N-Boost Technology
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Resilience, shine and colour elevated to the highest level. Silestone’s exclusive N-BOOST technology is the result of  investigation and development that take the surface’s functionality to the next level.

It is a special treatment on the material surface in a molecular level that boosts its technical properties, making cleaning and maintaining Silestone easier than ever. Due to the effect of lights on it, Silestone is getting more intense colours and outstanding shines in an aesthetic sense.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Silestone Countertops
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Silestone guarantees the highest quality by offering 25 year limited transferable warranty to the homeowners. Undergo the most demanding quality control process that offers a basic qualification to a product, Silestone ensures that the best materials are available for your project. This is essentially why it is the surface of thousands of kitchen in more than 52 countries.

How to Clean & Maintain Silestone?

Cleaning Silestone Countertop
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Cleaning and maintaining Silestone is the same with other surfaces no matter where it is located or how it is used. Simply wipe off the spills and stains using a soft, natural cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent to protect its shiny surface.

However, homeowners should avoid placing hot appliances on the Silestone countertop directly. As Silestone is not heat resistant, the heat may cause a ring to form around the pot and permanently change its colour. Therefore, it is recommended to use a heat-resistant mat to protect the surface from being damaged by the hot tools.

Also, use boards and trivets to protect the countertop when preparing meals or cooking. Make sure heavy objects are not dropped on the Silestone as the falling objects may cause scratches and cracks, requiring an entire countertop replacement to repair.


As an indisputable leader in countertops for 25 years, Silestone possesses strength in its surfaces, providing outstanding resistance and durability properties that you need in your home.

With limitless design ideas made possible by Silestone, you can rest assured that your dream kitchen will be one that is unique, charming, and will never go out of style.

All in all, Silestone is an investment in quality. Discover its colours, textures and formats with the minimum number of joints but the highest warranty of hygiene and easy maintenance in Stone Amperor today!

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