Pros and Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets

Aluminium kitchen cabinet is a great choice for your kitchen if you have (or are planning for) a contemporary interior design for your home. If you wish to infuse your unique preference and personality, you can choose aluminium kitchen cabinets for easy customization of colors, designs, and styles to match your quartz and solid surface countertop.

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Also, the aluminium kitchen cabinet helps you to create space and incorporating ample storage facilities to fit in all the necessary appliances, even in the smallest kitchen.
That said, it is still important to do research when choosing and designing your aluminium kitchen cabinets. So that they won’t “clash” with the rest of your interior design features in your home.
In this short article, we’ll be sharing with you the various pros and cons of choosing aluminium kitchen cabinets.
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Pros of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


Economical and Long lasting

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are relatively more resilient, as they do not warp or break like the wooden cabinets. This makes them long lasting and eliminates the need for you to do any replacement for a long time.

Ease of care and maintenance

The aluminium kitchen cabinets do not need much care. You can easily just wipe off any dirt and dust with a damp cloth, unlike wooden kitchen cabinets which require extra cleaning substances like household detergent or soda powder solution.

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Suitable for the hot and humid climate in Singapore

Aluminum kitchen cabinets can withstand the hot and humid weather in Singapore, unlike commonly used wooden kitchen cabinet which will warp over time and in erratic climate change.

Versatile colors and designs

Despite the common misconception that aluminium kitchen cabinets only come in boring metallic look, you actually have the choice to get your aluminium cabinets in a variety of customized colors and designs to match your overall interior design and your quartz or solid surface kitchen countertop.

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Water proof

This is a big plus for aluminium kitchen cabinets compared to the common wooden ones. Because any spills will just stay on the surface and can be cleaned with an easy wipe-off. So you do not have to worry about the spills getting soaked up and damaging the cabinets like the wooden ones.

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Rust resistant

The aluminium kitchen cabinets have an oxidized finish to prevent rust.

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Ease of remodeling

With the sleek aluminium kitchen cabinets, you can change your countertop during remodelling without affecting the overall kitchen design.

Re-usable for Reinstallation

The aluminium kitchen cabinets can be easily dismantled and re-assembled if you wish to re-use them when you move to a new home. This is definitely a big plus that saves a lot of money for you.

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Insect proof

Another big plus of aluminium kitchen cabinets is that they are not prone to insect infestation because of their non-porous and waterproof nature. This will certainly give you a greater peace of mind.

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Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets



Aluminium kitchen cabinets can be a little noisier than the common wooden cabinets. But with the good installation and quality hinges, this little problem can be countered easily.

Tendency to dent

This should be your concern if you have kids or spouse who have the tendency to throw things around or are not so gentle in housekeeping. Because it is not possible to repair a dented aluminium cabinet – your only choice would be to replace the damaged part. But if your family is a home-loving bunch, then this should not be an issue.

More suitable for modern homes

To be honest, the aluminium kitchen cabinets are more suitable for homes with more contemporary designs. If your home interior design is more traditional or original, we would not recommend getting the aluminium kitchen cabinets as they would not fit in as well.

Final verdict

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are not for every home… but if your home design is more of the contemporary style, you should definitely consider this light-weight and versatile option.

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Image credit: A Star Furnishing

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