Quartz vs Kompacplus: 5 Untold Differences

As one of the most important rooms in your house, you will want to be comfortable in it. The kitchen countertop is one of the main pieces of furniture in your kitchen, and you will enjoy it being functional. It can be quite a headache with a wide range of choices, such as quartz,  KompacPlus, marbles, granite, etc..

Each material has characteristics that may or may not fit your kitchen. There are many considerations to consider when you are picking the right material for your kitchen countertop.

It is important to choose the right material, or you will be facing issues with replacing your countertop again. The maintenance of your countertop, the time you spend cleaning, and the kitchen’s aesthetic, which you want to last for years. You wouldn’t want to be confused with the materials. You wouldn’t want to mix up the materials for your countertop.

Here is an overview of quartz and Kompacplus, and you will learn the difference between them. It will help you to choose the right material between these two materials.

What Is Quartz?


Quartz is a man-made material. It is composed of natural quartz crystals, also known as Silestone. It has a non-porous and long-lasting structure. Besides that, it is harder and less resistant to scratches, bacteria, and stains than other countertop materials. But it is easy to maintain and customize.

It can improve your kitchen’s appearance by naturally reflecting light and creating a brighter atmosphere when light is present. It won’t cost you a fortune to create a luxurious look kitchen. Compared to other countertops, it can look good for a long time if you clean it regularly.

What Is Kompacplus?

Image Credit: Kompacplus

KompacPlus is a new material that is getting popular in the benchtop world. Kompacplus is comprised of layered kraft paper and resin using engineering techniques. The material is fairly thin, only 6mm thick, but it has high durability to compensate.

These factory-made panels are precision-engineered to strike a balance between sustainability and aesthetics. KompacPlus panels are resistant to wear and tear even after years of heavy use. KompacPlus are made to last a lifetime.

Quartz vs Kompacplus #1 – Durability


When talking about durability, quartz and KompacPlus are ultra-durable. Quartz is created to make the material stronger than stones with the addition of resin, and it won’t crack, chip or scratch easily. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness of quartz has a rating of 7. Marble has a rating of 3-5, while diamond has the highest, which is 10. It also has the feature of being waterproof, non-porous, and dense.

While KompacPlus is resistant to water damage, chipping, scratching, stains, and wear. It will be a good choice if your countertop is for heavy use. The extreme strength measures up well against quartz. Both materials are great options when it comes to durability.

Quartz vs Kompacplus #2 – Maintenance


If you are looking for a low-maintenance material for your countertop, quartz and KompacPlus will be suitable. Both materials just need a simple cleaning process.

Regular cleaning with mild soap and cloth is sufficient for quartz. But do not use bleach, as it will damage the surface of the material or even cause permanent discoloration. It is more durable than other stone types,

It goes the same with KompacPlus, and it requires minimal care too. Regular cleaning with mild soap and cloth will do the job. Just clean-up after a big cook-off can let it look new. It is also not recommended to clean the KompacPlus surface with bleach.

Quartz vs Kompacplus #3 -Heat/scratch/stain Resistance


When it comes to resistance, KompacPlus has slightly more advantage over quartz. Quartz is a nonporous material making it resistant to stain, but it is not stain-proof. You will need to wipe off any spills to avoid color seeping into the polymer gaps.

While KompacPlus is resistant to staining, and spills can be left over 24 hours on the surface without leaving a stain. You can’t put hot pans directly on a quartz surface as it is a little more susceptible to heat. You will need to place your hot pans on heating pads at all times. KompacPlus has low flammability and won’t be damaged easily by high temperatures.

Quartz vs Kompacplus #4 – Finish


Quartz is a much more visually appealing material than KompacPlus. It has a glossy finish that gives it an expensive look. There is a wide range of colors and designs for quartz, which allows for meeting individual preferences.

A well-maintained quartz countertop can add value to your home. KompacPlus does not have the same natural beauty. It often looks dull or subdued and doesn’t have the same glossy finish as quartz. It looks more like wood. 

Here are some of the differences between these two. If you choose between these two materials, you will want to mark down the differences to select according to your needs.

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