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Quartz Dining Table Singapore: 6 Unique Ideas To Have One

The dining table is part of a dining room where you gather with your family and friends. It can greatly impact the room’s style and function, whether used for meals or discussion. Have you ever thought of bringing a quartz dining table back to capture everybody’s attention?

Have you ever realized that most dining table is made of wood or marble? The wood dining table has many positive attributes, but it may not be the best choice for your kitchen. Wood can be hard to maintain, while marble may be expensive.

Many styles are gaining popularity in the kitchen design world. If you want to revamp the look of your kitchen, a quartz dining table can be an excellent alternative. It can set your dining room apart from other spaces in your house. So let’s learn more about how quartz dining tables can create a stunning focal point within your dining room.

Creating A Solid Quartz Dining Table

Quartz Dining Table
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There are a few things to consider before creating a quartz dining table. The most important thing is what will be supporting the quartz. There are various ways to support a dining table top, and each way will have a different look and use.

You can buy a frame that supports a wood table top or simply remove the top from an existing table and use the leg and structure to support the quartz. Bear in mind that quartz tops are heavier than wood. If replacing the wood top with a quartz top, ensure that the leg and frame are strong enough to support it, or the structure may need reinforcement.

Another way is to use metal “sink legs” for your quartz dining table. Metal legs are designed to hold a slab dining top. You would need a few additional legs than vanity, but it will have a striking effect. Metal “sink legs” comes in different thicknesses.

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #1: A Little Dining Corner

Quartz Dining Table
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If you are not one of that who is looking for a huge dining space, a side quartz dining table is a good option. It will not cover too much space as huge dining tables will do, and it suits those who just require a side table and four chairs.

A side quart dining table definitely creates a cozy dining space. If you are interested in mix and match, you can include chairs with different colored covers.

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #2: Kitchen Island With Extended Dining Table

Quartz Dining Table
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A normal round dining table just makes your dining room looks normal. If you want to try something different, consider going for an island with an extended dining table. 

A kitchen island with an extended dining table can create a contemporary look for your kitchen. Besides that, you can eliminate the need for a separate table. Get some beautiful chairs, and your dining area is ready to be used. You can even provide freshly prepared food directly from the stove for your family or guests. 

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #3: Open Floor Plan Island

Quartz Dining Table
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You should consider getting an oversized kitchen island to double your dining table if you combine your dining area with your kitchen. You can separate the two spaces while adding extra countertops and storage space.

The main key here is to extend the countertop, which is enough on both sides to have space for people to sit, and enough space to walk around. Consider contrasting the perimeter countertop in pattern or color to define the space.

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #4: Dining Table Top With Solid Metal Legs

Quartz Dining Table
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Traditional tables always have a huge structure, and you may be tired of those styles. If you want a unique style for your dining area, you will want to try something sleekier.

Nowadays, more homeowners are inclined towards sleek-looking kitchen countertops with solid metal legs. This design looks extremely beautiful and fits well in your dining space, especially when it is topped with high-quality quartz.

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #5: Dining Table Top With Wood Extension

Quartz Dining Table
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If you find a plain quartz dining table too plain for your kitchen space, getting a wooden extension attached for a slight shift may do some trick.

Getting a wooden extension can give your dining space a distinctive feel. It will become the highlight of your dining space once the dining table is installed. Get a few chairs with the same colored covers as your dining table top, and you are ready to use your quartz dining table.

Quartz Dining Table Ideas #6: White Quartz Paradise

Quartz Dining Table
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Have you ever thought of turning your dining area into a snow-white wonderland? A white quartz dining table will work well if you want to get a little extravagant with your kitchen interior design. You should consider getting Caesarstone’s 9141 Ice Snow, which is the perfect fit for the theme. 

If you want to add more elegance to your dining space, you can place a beautiful glass chandelier and a crystal vase on top of your quartz dining area. 

If you prefer something else to the traditional plain quartz dining table, here are some unique ideas you can play with. With the wide range of colors and patterns that quartz has, you have many ways to create a quartz dining table. You will definitely find one unique quartz dining table that will meet your needs.

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