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Choose The Right Marble Table With 5 Simple Steps

Are you considering getting a new table for your kitchen space? Looking for a table that has a bit of class for your space? The elegance of a marble table can help, but you will need to get the right marble table to create a higher-class atmosphere.

Marble tables have been around for a millennium. You will have myriad benefits when investing in marble tables. The dining table is the focal point of the kitchen space where your family and friends gather. It is necessary to make sure that it fits into your kitchen and improves the look of your room.

Marble is an expensive material. You will want to make sure that you get the right marble table for your kitchen. Let’s explore getting one that fits right into your kitchen space.

1. Consider The Marble Table Size Options

Marble Table

Marble tables come in a variety of sizes. Before getting a marble table for your dining room, you will need to know the dimensions of the area where you will place it. 

If you have an open floor plan with an expansive living space, it will be better to have a larger table. But if it is a smaller space, get a rectangular or round table to fit into the space. You can use graph paper to draw out the room floor plan and determine the table size. Draw the outlines of the furniture on graph paper. Make sure you include all the furniture in it. ‘

Besides that, you want to consider the marble table’s height, width, and length. If you consider getting a marble table for your living room, you will want to match the height of your sofa or chair. You can also get a small marble table as a coffee table.

2. Be Bold When Choosing The Marble Table

Marble Table

If you decided to invest in a marble table, you would want to step out of your comfort zone and go bold. Getting a marble table is to fit your needs and the idea of aesthetics. Marbles aren’t just for dining tables; you can use them for other purposes, such as a coffee table. You can mix, match and reuse by repurposing an old marble slab to make a new coffee table by gluing it together with a bench. 

You can also reuse an antique buffet as a sofa table. Create a new style by mixing and matching and you get a new look for your furniture. Consider matching it with other types of materials with marble. Matching your marble table with a wooden base will have another style. 

3. Determine The Style Of Your Marble Table

Marble Table

Marble tables come in various designs and finishes. You will want to conduct some research before making any purchases. Antique marble pieces might have some defaults, such as chipped edges or stains, that you will unlikely see on new marble pieces. This makes antique pieces more unique, but they require regular maintenance.

One thing you want to take note of is the scratches, chips, cracks, or dings in your marble table. It can worsen over time and repairing can be challenging.

The difference between new marble pieces and antique marble pieces is that new marble pieces will be cleaner and more polished but it doesn’t have the authenticity antique pieces offer. Your style and preferences depend on whether you prefer a new or old look.

4. Decide on the Style and Design Of Your Marble Table

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Different styles can meet different needs. A rectangular marble table has a sense of order and symmetry. A round dining table with soft curves can create an inviting space for family meals. Get a square-shaped marble dining table with sufficient legroom on both sides.

You will also need to consider the size of the table. A smaller marble tabletop might be big enough for hosting dinner parties or intimate gatherings if you live alone. But for families with children or larger households, look for a more spacious table to provide enough space for sitting.

5. Ensure You Have Enough Space For Your New Marble Table

Marble Table
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Marble tables are heavy, and you will want to ensure enough space before buying one for your house. Measure the space and get the right size. A marble table may make the space look congested if there is not enough room.

Ensure that you have at least two feet on each side and seven or eight inches from its backside or side to allow for chairs and other furniture when you place your marble table. You wouldn’t want to move it around once it is placed. Marble tables are delicate, and you need to take extra care when moving them.

The right marble table will set the mood in your space. It should be a thing that can build memories and allows your family and guest to sit comfortably. So make sure you invest in the right one that won’t make you regret it.

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