7 Telltale Signs You Need a Kitchen Makeover

Homeowners tend not to be very inviting to the idea of getting a kitchen makeover. This is because it can run a hefty expense. However, homeowners should realize a kitchen makeover is well worth the investment. You’ll get a fresh new look and automatically boosts the value of your home.

Kitchens, second to bathrooms get the most use in any home. Wear and tear will happen no matter how tough the material seems initially. Kitchens should be the most updated room in any home. So, a makeover is due every few years.

How to know if your kitchen is in need of a makeover? If you spot or realize any of these 7 telltale signs, you need a kitchen makeover.

It’s outdated

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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An outdated kitchen is one that no longer appeals to the homeowner. It’s littered with old appliances and design. The kitchen should be the most updated room of the home. This is second maybe to the living room.

If you find it hard to find parts or fixtures to maintain your kitchen, chances are, they’re out of date. There’s a reason they’re no longer on the market. Besides that, there’s only so much fixing up you can do before you realize your kitchen is out of date. And, a kitchen makeover is long overdue.

Get a kitchen makeover. Remodel your kitchen. Replace cabinets, the sink, backsplash, hob, hood, and appliances. Upgrading appliances and design will bring a kitchen up to date with the latest trends.

Make the upgrade. Get a kitchen makeover. Then, you’ll realize it’s a lot easier to maintain an updated kitchen. With the advancements in technology, new appliances and fixtures can save you a lot in utilities. All this is possible with water-saving fixtures and energy efficient appliances.

So, leave those lime green cabinets that were popular in the 1970s, in the decade. Disown your 20-year-old hand me down dishwasher. Stay updated with a kitchen makeover.

You lack space

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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A lack of space will get on any homeowner’s nerves. Who likes working in a space with no useful workspace? Your kitchen counters are littered with things and the old layout makes cooking feel like an obstacle course. Or, you’re constantly bumping into someone else in the kitchen.

You need a kitchen makeover if you feel you can’t navigate your kitchen with ease. It should be catered to ease workflow and traffic within and through the kitchen. A kitchen makeover will solve all your bad layout woes.

New and updated kitchens factor in ergonomics in design and layout. They also factor in appliance and fixture sizes to optimize the use of space. That way your new kitchen won’t feel cramped.

You’ll easily find that maintaining square footage while updating layout will add more space. If a new layout still doesn’t give you the space you desire, consider expanding. Possibly integrate into adjacent areas.

You hate using your kitchen

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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The kitchen should be the focal point of any home. It’s the 2nd most used room in most homes. But, that isn’t the case in your home. You, in fact, avoid your kitchen like the plague. And, avoid using your kitchen at all costs because it’s a hassle.

You also find yourself eating out more than you should. Why eat out when you have a kitchen to cook? Get all the necessary elements in your kitchen to ease your experience.

Newer appliances will cut short cooking time and make better food. A better layout will make workflow a breeze within your kitchen. And, a more functional kitchen will ease cleaning after you’re done with the cooking.

You should feel great about your kitchen. Using it shouldn’t feel like a dread. You shouldn’t have to traverse an obstacle course to get food on the table. Get a kitchen makeover. Eliminate all the kinks and inconveniences in your kitchen.

It doesn’t suit you 

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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Your kitchen feels far from warm and inviting. Or, you think the finish on your cabinets is hideous. Does that bright orange backsplash you got in 2012 make you wish you never buy another bright orange item? Then, your kitchen doesn’t suit your taste anymore.

Do you avoid bringing people into your kitchen because you don’t like the way it looks? That shouldn’t be the case. The kitchen it the heart of your home. If that the case, you really need to do something about your kitchen. It’s definitely in need of a kitchen makeover.

Family and guests congregate the kitchen often. Sometimes more often than the living room. It’s a communal space. At potlucks, people spend all day cooking together in the kitchen. Have a kitchen you are proud of.

Get a makeover done to get your dream kitchen to entertain as many guests as you like. If you aren’t much of an entertainer, just get it done to be happy with your home. After all, your home is your sanctuary. So, have your sanctuary decked in the styles you love and make you happy.

Your kitchen is a hot mess

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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Your kitchen is full of kinks. You need to open the cabinet slowly or the door will come off its hinges. Or, you can’t open your fridge without blocking the flow in your kitchen. A well planned, updated kitchen doesn’t let this happen.

If not the case, maybe your kitchen is falling apart. Your sink leaks all the time. Your faucet drips all night. Or, your granite countertops are filled with scratches and chips. You try to get small fixes done but these problems don’t completely go away.

Small fixes are never enough. Stop wasting your money and effort on maintaining your exasperating kitchen. Get a kitchen makeover and have a hassle free kitchen. Let it be the focal point of your home. The kitchen is supposed to be a relaxing space. Make the investment for a kitchen makeover and worry less.

Does not function optimally for you

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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Maybe your kitchen doesn’t suit your lifestyle. If you have a big family you probably need a bigger sink, a breakfast counter with more seats, and a hob with more burners. You would also need a larger refrigerator and more cabinet space. Or, you simply love cooking and entertaining. So, a stock kitchen isn’t equipped to cook nice meals for more people.

Maybe the layout also makes it hard to cook. Things aren’t where they should be to make cooking a breeze. If that isn’t the case, maybe the appliances make it inconvenient for you to use your kitchen. Whatever the case, you need a kitchen makeover.

Get a kitchen makeover to have the kitchen that is catered for you and your lifestyle. Make the space work better for you. A more efficient kitchen will save you steps and time in the kitchen for any kind of use.

You want to increase the value with a kitchen makeover

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover
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Any real estate agent will tell you an outdated, run down kitchen is a liability. And, that it will also run down your home’s value. In fact, kitchens tend to define the resale value of a home.

New kitchens are more marketable. As you’d know, no buyer wants to buy a house only to have to get a kitchen makeover before living in it. Even if you aren’t selling a home, homeowners love to know their home is of value. And, a high-quality kitchen increases property value.

A new kitchen will make day-to-day life more pleasant and enjoyable. Why live with a kitchen that you don’t love, when you have the means to do something about it. Get a kitchen makeover to get the kitchen of your dreams.

If you can relate and see any of the aforementioned signs in your home, you need to get a kitchen makeover.

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