Kitchen Replacement: 7 Telltale Signs You’re in Need of One

A kitchen replacement should be common practice for any homeowner to stay updated. Most homeowners have the misconception that a kitchen replacement is synonymous with remodels. But, that’s not the case.

Replacements involve replacing parts of a kitchen, as opposed to the whole kitchen. For example, if you have a leaky sink, replace it. Or, if your cabinets or drawers are a little run down, have some doors, sliders or knobs replaced.

Replacements aren’t as costly as remodels. It’s a wonder why they aren’t as popular. The improvement that a minor kitchen replacement could make would surprise you. So, here are 7 telltale signs you’re in need of a kitchen replacement.

Using your kitchen feels like a hassle

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You don’t like working in your kitchen at all. Whether it’s cooking, washing dishes, or just making tea, it feels like a chore. It is hard to maneuver or work around the defects your kitchen, so you avoid it at all costs.

Maybe doing dishes takes 30 minutes to complete. Because your sink is too small for the number of people in your house. Or, cooking in your kitchen feels suffocating because your hood isn’t doing its job.

A lot of times you find yourself not even wanting to use your kitchen. You avoid cooking at all costs and find yourself eating out way more than you should. That should not be the case. As most often, the kitchen is the most popular room in any home.

What’s the point of having a kitchen if you don’t use it? A minor kitchen replacement could change the workflow within your kitchen. It would also exponentially improve your kitchen experience.

Replacing the hob could speed up cooking time. Getting a bigger, easier to clean sink would make dishes a lot easier to tackle. Replacements would make your kitchen more convenient to traverse.

Your kitchen is falling apart in some parts

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Signs of deterioration should not be overlooked. As it is a sure sign you need kitchen replacements. Kitchens should be warm and inviting as they conjure so many warm memories. Cracked backsplash tiles, broken cabinets, and a greasy hood are bad. They make your kitchen look straight out of the show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’.

A dilapidated kitchen with run down parts has outlived its usefulness. If your kitchen keeps falling apart, you have to keep doing small updates to keep it functioning.

Using your run down kitchen would easily run you more costs than having it replaced. A leaky sink would incur more in utilities. It would also potentially run you a hefty cabinet redo bill. Leaky sinks could cause rot and mold if left untreated.

Replace broken parts before it’s too late. Restore the usefulness in your kitchen. And, eliminate potential cost potholes while they’re still manageable.

It is hard to clean your kitchen


The task of cleaning your kitchen is such a nuisance. You hate doing it. It’s hard to clean inconvenient kitchen parts.

Those loose cabinet doors make it difficult to wipe without fear of them falling off. That sink that leaks if you fill it up too full makes washing dishes exasperating.

Why go on with your kitchen like that? The kitchen should be one of the cleanest places in your home. You prepare all your food there. So, if it’s hard to clean, get a kitchen replacement.

Here are a few examples. Replace broken cabinet doors with paneled or smooth surfaced ones that easy to wipe. Look into aluminum cabinet doors if you want the extra ease of clean. Replace your old hob with a stainless steel cooker hob that is a breeze to clean.

All these small replacements will transform your cleaning experience. Maintenance and cleaning will be a world easier. Most of these replacements allow thorough cleaning with mere wiping. Easy cleaning and maintenance not only helps with appearance but longevity too.

Your kitchen doesn’t suit your lifestyle

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You feel your kitchen can’t accommodate your home’s needs. Maybe you love cooking and entertaining guests. But, your hob and hood are too small to cook big, multiple dishes. Maybe your family is big and your sink is too small to make washing dishes a quick task.

Whatever the lifestyle or purpose, have your kitchen catered to suit you. Have the kitchen replacements you need, done to ease your time in your kitchen. Get replacements to get the kitchen for your lifestyle.

If you’re a busy person, replace your hard to clean sink. Get a seamless, leak preventive sink. The integrated style or Aura sink is a good kitchen replacement option. Also, get a new backsplash which will make cooking stains super easy to wipe off your walls.

Your kitchen isn’t updated 

An updated kitchen is a top priority in any house. Keep it updated every couple of years. Signs of a kitchen that is in need of an update is one that is in need of repairs.

Do you have certain cabinets that are rotted from a leak? Is your 10-year-old sink leaking? Does your sink not drain well? Do some of your drawers not pull out smoothly or fully? Are some of your cabinets or drawers missing knobs or handle?

As long as something doesn’t work right, you need a replacement. If your kitchen is outdated, chances are your home will feel old. Because it is the centerpiece of a home. Have your kitchen updated and brought up to date, to stay modernized. Be reminded also that outdated kitchens tend to be a major resale barrier.

Your kitchen is incomplete and devalued

Kitchen Replacement: 7 Telltale Signs You'Re In Need Of One

A replacement doesn’t necessarily have to mean replacing something old. It also encompasses replacing what you previously didn’t have. An incomplete kitchen will lack in performance.

Maybe you don’t have a cooking hood installed. So your home gets very hot when you cook. Or, you don’t have a backsplash installed. So, you can’t avoid wall stains while cooking. Broken or defected parts also make your kitchen incomplete. Because broken parts are useless.

An incomplete kitchen is of less value because your cooking experience gets limited. Get your kitchen complete. Get a kitchen replacement. Keep your kitchen’s and home’s resale value maintained.

You want a fresh look, but don’t have much money

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Get a kitchen replacement if you have a remodel in mind, but you’re on a budget. Navigate around a total remodel by just replacing parts. Hold onto what lasts, and replace what doesn’t work anymore.

The difference a minor kitchen replacement makes would surprise you. Try replacing only your cabinet doors. It would make your kitchen look new and totally different.

Instead of a total transformation, just go for a cosmetic uplift. Have a newer looking hob, hood, sink, backsplash, or cabinets. And, it could easily make your kitchen feel new.

However, sometimes your kitchen could be fully functional and efficient. But it still won’t cut it. The kitchen may no longer appeal to the owner. Some homeowners simply want regular change. Opt for a kitchen replacement in this case.

Sometimes, simply replacing drawer pulls and fixtures are enough. They could definitely give your kitchen a fresh look.

So, if you see any of these signs, consider having a kitchen replacement done. Maintain your kitchen in optimal condition to get the most use out of it. If you’re looking for kitchen replacement services, contact Stone Amperor.

Stone Amperor offers great workmanship and quality products. They guarantee fulfillment of your kitchen replacement desires. Look no further and you won’t be disappointed.

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