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5 Rich Benefits of Solid Surface Countertop 2022

5 Rich Benefits of Solid Surface Countertop 2022 Solid surface countertops have become an increasingly popular recommendation for homeowners lately. It is due, in large part, to their attractive appearance and durable construction. The origin of this countertop can be traced back to the 1950s when a company called DuPont created a new type of acrylic material that […]

4 Fantastic Alternatives To Granite That Make The Countertop Cut

4 Fantastic Alternatives to Granite That Make the Countertop Cut

Let’s face it, after a 3 hour marathon of the Property Brothers on HGTV, we all fall in love that picturesque granite kitchen countertop. Besides majorly crushing on Jonathan Scott, visualizing that immaculate stone island centrepiece for your dream kitchen is life goals. Sadly, granite isn’t always the best option for our budgets, and lifestyles. […]

5 Reasons Why a Solid Surface Countertop Makes for a Fuss-Free Kitchen Experience.

Whether granite or marble, natural stone countertops are a popular countertop choice with homeowners. But as much as we love its aesthetics, natural stone isn’t exactly cheap. To make matters worse, nature doesn’t exactly concern itself with our kitchen needs and therefore its bounties need a little human-touch-fixer-upper. What a bother!   What is Solid Surface? […]

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