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6 Amazing Types of Granite Countertops To Consider

Have you ever considered choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen? Granite can be perfect for your kitchen if you want a stylish and durable choice. But do you know there are different types of granite countertops?

It can be hard to beat granite countertops when it comes to attractive and long-lasting. Granite is one of the toughest natural stones available for kitchen countertops. It is highly resistant to chips and scratches. Once you have sealed the countertop, it can repel water, oils, and other kitchen liquids. You can retain their rich color and warmth for a lifetime if you maintain them properly.

You can find a wide range of colors on the granite kitchen countertop. You definitely find something to match your kitchen design. Compared to marble, granite is still worth its investment.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of granite countertops popular in the market. You will also get to know their characteristics.

White Granite Countertop

White granite countertop is popular among homeowners for their clean and classic appearance. They have a bright reflective quality as they consist of a large amount of quartz. They also include natural inclusions in the form of feldspars. Crystals of calcium, sodium, and potassium give the white granite countertop a visual texture.

The inclusion’s density and color will greatly impact the overall appearance. You will often see veins and flecks in gray or black, but you can see beige, pale blue, or rose accents in white granite.

Granite Countertop #1 – Andino White

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Houzz

Andino white originates in Brazil, just like any other granite countertops. It comes in many styles, such as polished, leathered, or honed. White granite can easily match many kitchen designs, but it definitely stands out, where stainless steel is a prominent feature.

A white granite countertop can sometimes have a large clear area but often is rippled and speckled. It can give the countertop appearance of darker particles flowing across the surface.

Color accents which you usually can find in Andino White are beige, brown, and charcoal, with occasional black patches. If you finish the countertop properly, Andino White can be used indoors or outdoors.

Granite Countertop #2 – Moon White

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Regatta Granites

Moon white granite generally comes from India. The color is one of the lightest in white granite. It matches well with many kitchen designs, but it fits best in an uncluttered contemporary setting.

Moon white is notable for the flecks. You can find ivory and silver gray on Moon White granite countertops which are occasionally interspersed with strong blacks. There will be inclusions swirling gently across the surface.

If you are looking for affordable granite countertops, you should consider Moon White, as it is an affordable choice. Besides, it can withstand sub-zero temperatures.

Granite Countertop #3 – White Ice

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Decoist

Another popular countertop granite from Brazil, White Ice. It has a dramatic impact on the countertop. It creates a modern interiors feel for your kitchen with cool grays or subtle pastels. If you go with dark colors, it can have a striking contrast.

White will be the predominant color, but you can see other colors running through the surface, such as grays, blacks, blues, or even browns. It creates a patchwork effect that resembles the frozen landscape. You will see quartz flakes on the countertop, which increase the reflections.

It isn’t common to see White Ice on the white granite countertop. The cost of it can be high due to its bold appearance.

Black Granite Countertop

Black granite has the ability to add a touch of luxury and drama. From dense, solid-colored slabs to a star-filled night sky look, it definitely creates a visual impact for your kitchen.

You may come across the term “black granite”, as it can be used for various natural stone countertops, but often not granite. A granite countertop should contain at least 20 percent quartz.

Granite Countertop #4 – Absolute Black

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Decorpad

Also known as Nero Absolute or Jet Black, Absolute black granite is quarried in India. For those looking for a sophisticated deep black with a low level of inclusion, Absolute Black granite will be an ideal choice for your kitchen.

If you observe the granite, you will see dense gray speckles when observing close up. It usually can’t be seen at a distance unless strong lighting is used.

It will be an expensive option if you are going for Absolute Black, as it can command a premium price. For finishes, you can look for leathered, honed, or high-polish options. It is also suitable if you’re looking forward to an outdoor kitchen if you seal it.

Granite Countertop #5 – Black Galaxy

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Pinterest

Another type is from India. The look of Black Galaxy granite appears to capture a brilliant star-filled sky on a clear night. It definitely adds a luxurious look to your kitchen, and you often find it combined with dark wood for maximum impact.

You will seldom see veining on Black Galaxy granite. Besides, you will see flecks consistently across the surface. Even they are not dense. In the Black galaxy, you can find colors such as copper, silver, white, or gold. When you polish the material, the flecks will provide highly reflective counterpoints.

Black Galaxy granite can also be costly among the granite countertop. Finishes options available for Black Galaxy include honed or leathered.

Granite Countertop #6 – Ubatuba

Granite Countertop
Image Credit: Love Home Designs

Also referred to as Uba Tuba, it is granite from Brazil. It provides a luxurious look for kitchen countertops due to the mica inclusions and multiple colors. It is a polished slab that will deliver its full appeal. For finishes options, you can choose from either leathered or honed.

You get to choose from a dazzling array of colors in Ubatuba granite. There are blacks, greens, grays, and browns. Gold is an option for you if you are looking for an outstanding feature. The inclusions can give an overall sparkle to the surface.

Although it provides a high-visual impact, the price of Ubatuba is in the midrange, and it is widely available.

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