Discover 7 Things You Don’t Know About Silestone Countertop

Silestone can be a good material for your countertop to add vibrancy and elegance to your kitchen aesthetic. It has been on the market for over 20 years, but its popularity only increased within the last few years as an alternative for kitchen countertop surfaces.

Some of the most gorgeous-looking countertops on the market are created by Silestone. People love it, and it can become your love too. Before you get it for your kitchen countertop, let’s know more about what makes this countertop material popular in the market.

What Is Silestone?

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Silestone countertops are re-engineered from a combination of 94% natural quartz crystals and silica with 6% of polymer acrylic resins. The process of adding polymer acrylic resins adding in it helps to strengthen and improve the original stone, allowing the countertop to be more flexible and resilient.

Besides that, it allows the color and pattern to consistently follow throughout the countertop’s entire thickness. It definitely boasts a lineup of beautiful countertops, which will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. You can fit a Silestone countertop according to your kitchen’s theme.

Silestone Countertop #1 – Primarily Quartz


The main composition of Silestone is quartz, which takes up to 94%. In the process, resins are added to it, which helps to create an incredibly hard and durable surface. Besides that, Silestone is resistant to scratches, stains, and dents.

Silestone Countertop #2 – Stain Resistant


You would want to avoid your countertop being stained, and Silestone is a good choice as it is stain-resistant. This is because this material is a non-porous and dense material. It does not absorb liquids easily and gets stained.

Unlike natural stone materials, such as granite, Silestone doesn’t need to be sealed, so you won’t have to worry about it. You also don’t have to worry about permanent staining from liquid, such as wine, oils, coffee, or other liquids that are often used in your kitchen. It is an ideal option, especially if you love cooking.

Silestone Countertop #3 – Assortment Of Colors

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Sometimes, finding materials that all fit into your kitchen themes can be challenging. But the color library for Silestone is enormous. Whether doing a major renovation or just minor changes in your kitchen, color matching with your cabinetry or flooring won’t be a problem. 

It is available in various patterns and colors to suit all tastes and budgets. It can complement different kitchen designs. With the stunning finishes you can get, it is the vision of every interior decorator. This is one of the reasons Silestone countertop is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in kitchen décor. 

Silestone Countertop #4 – Easy To Maintain


If you prefer low maintenance, this is a reason you should choose Silestone. It definitely surpasses other countertop materials. You don’t have to do ample to maintain this material. It is good enough to wipe with a soft cleaner. 

You don’t have to seal or reseal this material, unlike marble, which needs to be resealed regularly. You also don’t have to re-sand it because of cuts or nicks. Besides that, the material is primarily quartz, providing a glossy sheen naturally. You won’t need to polish it frequently.

Silestone Countertop #5 – Extremely Durable


Quartz is a highly durable natural stone, which is why Silestone can resist scratches. Also, it doesn’t break and damage easily. There isn’t much natural stone tougher than quartz, which makes the material durable. If you are looking for the best pick for durability, Silestone will be the best choice.

Silestone resists heat to a certain level. You will want to be cautious when placing hot pots and pans on the surface. The heat will burn the stone, so ensure that you use a trivet or potholder to protect them from burns.

Silestone Countertop #6 – Thickness Available


The thickness of the countertop is one factor that you may consider. Because of the various applications and costs, Silestone comes in sheets in sizes: 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm. Whether you are using it for a small or large kitchen, domestic or commercial area, you can get the thickness that suits you.

Because of its remarkable flexibility, resilience, and strength, Silestone can be used on large surfaces. Various techniques can be applied for further support and strengthening these countertops over long spans without detracting from the classiness.

Silestone Countertop #7 – Cost


The cost of materials may affect your decision. This material is not super affordable, but it is not too expensive too. The price may vary depending on the season, quality, grade, and thickness. The installation price for the countertop may not be included, so check with your installer. 

The simplistic beauty of Silestone is an ideal pick for all modern homes. There are many benefits you can get from it. They may cost a bit, but it is worth investing in. Get it to give your home a welcoming feel.

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