5 Solid Advantages of Viewgres Porcelain Tiles

5 Solid Advantages of Viewgres Porcelain Tiles

You might have heard about a material called porcelain many years ago, but it was only available in the recent years to make tiles. The way they manufacture porcelain tile is almost the same as ceramic. The producers use clay and other natural materials and then fire the materials in a kiln to create desired shaped stones.

Porcelain bears a perception of high quality, makes your furniture and home overall condition look well-maintained and more comfortable to stay in. Porcelain tiles are splendid for both external and internal applications. Many local companies choose this material for commercial use as it is more current than other tiles such as ceramic and wood.

The creative and innovative manufacturing process of porcelain unleashes its full potential of limitless patterns. It is one of the favourite materials for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Viewgres is an established tile manufacturer that emphasizes on quality and innovation in both operation and management from the day it started until today. The company has won various awards over the past years, differentiating its high quality grade from other brands.

Viewgres is a prominent brand of porcelain tile in European, US and Asian countries currently, and has a great track record of countless recognized project applications. Below are the top 5 advantages of Viewgres porcelain tile you should know.

Low Absorption

Viewgres Porcelain Tile

Unlike laminate or wooden floors which can rot and swell when exposed to moisture, porcelain tile is completely non-porous and unaffected by water. It is perfect for bathrooms or other areas that often come in contact with water. It is highly resistant to wine, water and any other liquids that penetrates the other surfaces like marble and granite. So when you spill something onto your newly tiled floor you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax, because you can wipe off those stains easily with a damp cloth. On the other hand, porcelain tile is also an excellent acid and alkali resistant material. Common household products that contain harsh chemical agents won’t damage or stain your porcelain tiles.
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Highly Durable

Viewgres Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles can be used anywhere because of its good-looking surface and durability. It has Mohs hardness of Grade 7 and its modulus of rupture reaches 45 MPa, which makes it an ideal material for outdoor area with high traffic. The porcelain tile also has a higher breaking strength than other flooring and maintains its aesthetics much longer than other types of flooring. As it is a heavy-duty kind of material, you do not have to worry about the issue of wear and tear.

In addition, the porcelain tile is fireproof. It won’t burn, produce smoke or any toxic fumes, so it is safe for your home in the event of any accident. If the porcelain tiles are properly installed, it can last for a lifetime in tip-top condition.
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Extremely Low Maintenance

Viewgres Porcelain Tile

The most practical benefit of porcelain tiles is how little maintenance it needs to preserve its beauty. It does not need any sealing, waxing or polishing. Unlike wooden floors, there is nowhere for dust to hide. It is a non-porous material that prevents bacteria contamination. Only basic cleaning is required. For walls, gentle washing with water will do. Sweeping or mopping the floor twice a week is enough to keep up the quality. Porcelain tile is also resistant to cracking and breakage from physical impacts. However, if damage does take place, the porcelain pieces can be removed and replaced individually without much trouble.
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Available in Many Styles

Viewgres Porcelain Tile

There are endless styles for porcelain tiles as they can be made to look like marble, wood, granite, slate, or limestone… depending on the style you fancy. Porcelain tiles do not fade or change color even when it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, hence making it a perfect choice for outdoor applications. A skilled tile production team can accurately produce various thicknesses and surface finishes to suit your purposes and preferences.
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Environmentally Friendly

Viewgres Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has always been a good friend to the environment. There are a number of reasons why porcelain tile is better as compared to other materials. Porcelain tile is inert and does not generate nasty volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that harm the atmosphere badly. Nor does it need to be treated or cleaned with chemicals – warm water should suffice for daily cleaning. Tile flooring can also help preserve your indoor air quality. Tile is fired in high-temperature kilns. It carries no chemical compounds that can contribute to a wide variety of health problems.
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Viewgres is a brand in which you can find aesthetics, functionality and durability – all in one. Looking for a supplier in Malaysia and Singapore? Contact us now.
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