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6 Best Kitchen Renovation Singapore 2022

6 Best Kitchen Renovation Singapore 2022

Finding the best kitchen renovation Singapore is not an easy task. There are many kitchen renovation companies in Singapore, deciding which one to go with can be quite a trial. To make this decision easier for you, we compiled the list to the number six, and they include the main difference that differentiates itself from other companies in the same industry.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Focus
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Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.1:
Diatom Reno

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Diatom Reno is one of the most trusted companies that broaden in kitchen renovation Singapore, boasting a list of clients from residential and commercial sectors. They strive to provide services that meet their customers’ expectations without hurting their budgets. At Diatom Reno, they are proud of the interior designer portfolio of their best work due to their long years in the industry. Their unique talents and inspiration design create eye-catching interiors.

If your kitchen is starting to fall apart, call for them, their services will be at your doorstep in a matter of seconds. They can fix everything from broken sinks to loose cabinets and pipe leakages. If you want to improve the overall design of your kitchen, they have that covered as well. Diatom Reno will make your kitchen as functional as possible and maximize the space no matter how small it is.

There are two main differences between Diatom Reno and other renovation companies in Singapore. One of its unique characteristics is that Diatom Reno consists of multiple kitchen packages for its clients to choose. Moreover, customers can have direct consultations with their team to gain a better idea of the renovation plan.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.2:
Sin Siang Huat Renovation

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Sin Siang Huat Renovation has been in the business for over 40 years. The accumulated experiences made them who they are today and have shaped them into one of the most reliable contractors in Singapore.

They provide interior renovation that includes kitchens. Before they start the installations, their staff will supply free consultations for their clients. It is to ensure that the output will be satisfactory to their client. Furthermore, they charge less than what you expect from their work, and they try to complete their job as fast as possible so that you can enjoy it.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.3:

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Kluje
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Kluje is the optimal platform to find the most fitting contractor for you. It is established to make the lives of homeowners easierKluje allows you to avoid the long, painful process of brain-process on whether someone can be trusted to do a good job or not, as you can see real-time reviews on the site as well

You can post on the site what services you require and have contractors contact you in secondsWith Kluje, you’ll be able to pick out the best people for the job without the nuisance of looking up companies separately.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.4:
Singapore Kitchen Contractors

6 Best Kitchen Renovation Singapore 2022
Image Credit: Singapore Kitchen Contractors

Unlike many other kitchen contractors, Singapore Kitchen Contractors can deal with all types of kitchens, from commercial kitchens down to small ones. Each of their services focuses on improving overall appearance and atmosphere of your cooking area.

They have a team of contractors, interior designers, and craftsmen ready to collaborate with you to achieve your dream kitchen renovation in Singapore. They will also confirm that the entire project won’t bypass your budget.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.5:

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Qanvast
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Qanvast’s goal is to help clients with their home renovation Singapore. With Qanvast, your kitchen renovation will be stress-free. It enables clients to find and connect with accredited interior designer firms that suit their tastes and expectations.

Qanvast guarantees that it will provide its users with quality recommendations. Their portal not only enlists excellent interior designer firms but also records the feedback of homeowners who have previously availed of their services. Qanvast has already helped many homeowners build the kitchen of their dreams.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Type No.6:
Reno Pro

Kitchen Renovation Singapore Reno Pro 2
Image Credit: Reno Pro

Reno Pro offers a great range of services, from compact to substantial renovation. But they could also help you do the renovation themselvesThey know how important the kitchen is for everybody, hence they wanted to analyze your cooking situation. 

This way, they could recommend better ways to utilize your kitchen and might help model the kitchen renovationAside from that, they could help you blueprint the new kitchen, whether you like it to be traditional or contemporary.

In Conclusion

There are many companies that majors in kitchen renovation Singapore, however, they all hold different types of benefits. Finding the right company that best suit your requirements of your kitchen renovation plan is extremely significant. It is cause sometimes getting the company not suitable for you may cost you of your time. Well, everyone has their own taste and preferences, just try to find a company that can satisfy your needs should be enough as being functional is more needed than being beautiful. 

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