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5 Exclusive Reasons to Choose Quartz Dinner Top 2022

5 Exclusive Reasons to Choose Quartz Countertop 2022

In 2022, quartz dinner top has been a popular choice within the kitchen, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Unlike many of the natural stone options on the market, quartz is an artificial stone. Quartz is produced with a mix of crushed natural stone and a resin binder that is mixed under intense heat and pressure.

Engineered quartz has properties that natural stone products can’t provide. In addition, benefits that natural stone countertops cannot possibly give. Here are some of the reasons and benefits proven accurately by experts.

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Quartz Dinner Top 2022 Reason 1: Durability

The durability of the quartz dinner top is widely known to be much sturdier than any natural stone-made countertop. Additionally, these countertops are made with binders. They tend to be stronger than stone slabs. 

Unlike natural stones, quartz doesn’t get scratches or chips. You could try cooking directly on the surface of your countertop without causing any problems to the countertop. However, cutting straight on the countertop will likely dull your knives, so we don’t recommend it.

While quartz is very durable, it isn’t indestructible. When possible, try to use pot holders and avoid direct impact with sharp or heavy objects.

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Quartz Dinner Top 2022 Reason 2: Non-Porous

Engineered stones are unlike natural materials. Their surface has no gaps, which allows the countertops made with such materials to have a specific ability known as non-porous. By having this characteristic, the countertop can prevent liquid squeeze into the inner surface of the countertop.

It helps as fluid may contain microorganisms toxic to the human body, which has proven highly dangerous. Furthermore, stains are formed by having moisture in a solidified area for a long time. Having the vapor unable to get into the countertop will prevent stains from happening.

5 Exclusive Reasons To Choose Quartz Dinner Top 2022
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Quartz Dinner Top 2022 Reason 3: Ease of Cleaning & Care

Cleaning quartz dinner tops is effortless, as it only takes just a towel and soapy water daily or a quartz cleaner. You can keep the surface of the quartz clean easily. Moreover, there is no need for sealants as the countertop does not absorb liquid. It means that maintenance is much easier in contrast to natural stone-made countertops.

To prove that, every natural stone countertops, such as marble and granite, require frequent sealing. Professional sealing services can be very costly DIY sealers will cost you extra cash each year. Many homeowners like quartz because they don’t have to deal with the hassle and cost of sealing countertops every few months.

5 Exclusive Reasons To Choose Quartz Dinner Top 2022
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Quartz Dinner Top 2022 Reason 4:

Quartz dinner tops are more environmentally friendly than other natural stone countertops. For some, this will come as a surprise cause marble, granite, and other natural stone surfaces are mined from the earth instead of engineered. However, quartz is a standard element that can be found commonly but have no reasons or needs to mine a lot of them.

Many quartz countertops brands manufacture their products in the States, which is a short distance to travel around the world, which reduces the carbon footprints created by the countertops.

Lastly, quartz dinner tops release fewer carbon emissions in the construction process, which makes them greener than granite or marble countertops. In short, quartz has less of an impact on the environment than the other options on the market.

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Quartz Dinner Top 2022 Reason 5: Style & Variety

Natural stones only come in a selection of colors and patterns. With quartz, there are many more options cause colors can be added during the manufacturing process. Additionally, you can be sure that your quartz dinner tops have the color and style that fit your kitchen, and the pieces won’t be different.

One unique trait of quartz is that it can be designed in any way that fits your kitchen. It includes making it look like granite or marble. Surprisingly, many house owners could not tell that their countertops are quartz and not natural stone slabs.

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In Conclusion

Quartz dinner tops are better choices than other minerals on the market. Even if the price is costly due to the number of demands for this miracle countertop. Still, it can be counted more as an investment as quartz dinner tops last for a long time. Due to the countertop being able to persist in its color and style for decades, adding that maintenance is easy. It is much better to purchase a quartz dinner top than a natural stone countertop.

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