3 Countertop Stones That Are Totally You: Loud and Bold!

While browsing kitchen remodeling ideas with your BFF you find a unique range of loud and extravagant kitchen countertops. These aren’t just any kitchen countertop options, they will make a commanding centerpiece for any kitchen.

While you’re initially attracted to the idea of owning one of them, your trusty BFF tries to talk you off the ledge by saying they’re just not for you and you should choose kitchen countertops in quartz instead. STOP!!!

As much as you value her opinion and she may have your best interests at heart, let’s face it: Do you really want to spend more than 2 hours each day in a kitchen your BFF designed for you? You’re not being selfish if you just wanna have your moment.

You are your own person. Your tastes are unconventional and  you don’t need an endorsement from anyone. Choose you.

Let’s get into the thick of things. There are the trend setters and there are trend followers. What are you? There’s no shame in wanting to fit in and not make waves. But if you’re a deviant, an anarchist or even a trailblazer, perhaps you need a signature product and not just average kitchen countertop ideas.

It’s time to reconcile with the inner liberace in you. Being demure and  sullen is downright boring. No one ever got noticed by following the same old recipe of conservative and traditional.

Here are a few types of countertops that are louder than Rupaul in a tutu:  

  • 1. Grey Agate

Grey Agate Countertop

(image: Caesarstone Singapore)

This countertop is a real statement maker. It’s warm colours and lustrous look make it a stunning centerpiece for the fashion forward.

The agate is a beautiful silica mineral that forms from volcanic rock. Rumoured to have healing powers, the rocks are formed in clusters of colourful bands.

They have a certain iridescence and glisten when backlit.

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2. Blue Agate

Blue Agate Countertop

(image: Caesarstone Singapore)

Like the grey agate, this countertop is a showstopper in any kitchen. Your friends will die when they see this.

The blue crystal adds charisma to any kitchen. If Hugh Hefner were alive, he would totally approve.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst Backlit Countertop

(image: Caesarstone Singapore)

This jewel commands your attention. The backlit counter simply sparkles and is bound to dazzle your dinner guests.

Now these countertops are definitely striking and bold. Loud and garish would be another way to describe them, yet people’s obsessions with being understated often blinds them to the limitless possibilities of design and colour coordination of
kitchen countertop materials.
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Loud and bold is definitely in. There’s a movement to embrace defying the norm. Timelessness is becoming increasingly overrated, but you shouldn’t be.

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