What is Integrated Sink & Why You Should Have One Too?

The integrated sink is getting more popular lately because of its seamless design and irresistible look. Integrated sinks are made from the same material as the countertop. For example, if your countertop is made from quartz, then the sink is within the piece without any slit.

In addition, this option is only valid for materials flexible enough to be fabricated into the shape of a sink basin, include quartz, marble, and solid surface. People adore the seamless appearance of a smooth transition from sink to surface.

What you might not know is, it is the countertop manufacturer who produced the integrated sink, not the sink manufacturer. They fuse the integrated sinks in place in the countertop factory. There is a wide variety of integrated sinks, as they are available in quartz, copper, marble, concrete, etc. in elegant finishes to complement your kitchen and bathroom designs.

Besides the appealing look, the integrated sink also brings many benefits that might surprise you.

Integrated Sink

Low Maintenance

One-piece construction means no crevices for capturing dirt, hair, or other food debris. The materials used to make integrated sinks are majority stain resistant. Some are even resilient to scratches and antibacterial even without polishing. These make cleaning easier and save your time on maintaining the quality of the surface. Hence, it is the ideal kind of sink for the public washroom in your home that needs a quick refresh after every guest uses the room.

Easy to Install

As the integrated sink and the countertop are joined, your supplier can complete the installation in a short time at an affordable price. A DIY installation is not recommended though.

Safer to Use

Unlike integrated sinks, the common sinks are made from different material than the countertop. There might be the uneven thickness of surface materials, finishes, or shape of accessories that can be harmful to you or the kids. For this reason, integrated sinks are connected with the countertop without any cut-in between, making it a safer choice for home.

Stylish Designs

For integrated sinks, there are numerous materials, shapes, and styles to review. For the shape, you can get either round, square, or layered. Bended and straight style integrated sinks are available too. In addition, you can also match your integrated sink design with the backsplash of your kitchen and wall in the bathroom to express sophistication.

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There are finite materials that are versatile enough to fabricate into integrated sinks. A primary factor that must be taken into consideration when choosing an integrated sink is that the countertop and the sink are permanently joined and should be treated as a single unit. Therefore, if you damage or crack the sink or countertop, you must also replace the other piece. Below are a few popular types of integrated sink – and the advantages of each material.
Integrated Sink Quartz

Quartz Sink

Quartz sink is a simple and elegant engineered surface. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from, which are fade-proof due to the product’s inherent characteristics. As this material is non-porous (thus more hygienic), it is not a problem to rinse vegetables and other food in the sink. Moreover, quartz sink is heat resistant, so you can directly place hot pots into it after cooking.

Advantages of Quartz Sink

  • Highly durable
  • Less noise due to its natural sound-proofing quality
  • Smooth surface – easy to maintain
  • Non-absorbent, can easily remove stain or dirt
  • Hygienic – bacteria and odor resistant
  • Long-lasting color and uniformity
  • Heat resistant


Granite Sink

One of the hardest known minerals, granite is the first choice of natural rock when a combination of durability and aesthetics is of utmost priority. The few advantages of a granite sink are:

  • Gorgeous looking
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to water mark and scratches
  • Cheaper compared to quartz

Integrated Sink Solid Surface

Solid Surface Sink

The installation of solid surface countertop has been increasingly popular in home construction and remodeling projects. It is heated and fabricated to form top sheets of countertop and sink together.

  • Dust resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Contains recycled content
  • Invisible seams
  • Non-porous
  • Resistant to heat

In conclusion, integrated sink is a durable, seamless alternative for homeowners who desire something other than a regular stainless steel sink in the kitchen, or an old tile vanity top in their bathroom. Integrated sinks are of materials with smooth yet stain resistant surfaces (with many finishes to opt for). Therefore, the decision to choose one over another may be based on which qualities you are looking for in a sink.

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