Arkstone Quartz: The Brilliant Marriage of Luxury and Strength

When it comes to choosing that purrrrrrrrfect material for kitchen countertop, it is not an unusual phenomenon to see homeowners taking an extended amount of time to make that very decision.

From our point of view, this is entirely understandable. Who doesn’t want an art piece that is rightfully eligible to match the heart of the home (read: kitchen) and most importantly, to pleasure the proprietor of that sacred sanctuary (read: wife)? At the end of the day, the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” maxim actually holds some truth, no?

Gone are the sleepless nights you have to put through just because you have no idea about which material you should choose for your kitchen countertop!  This blog is about to share a piece of valuable information that will hopefully put all your hesitation to rest and bring benefit to both you and your spouse! It is …

Arkstone Quartz

Arkstone Quartz |Arkstone Marble+ | Luxury Kitchen Tops

Arkstone offers a stunning range of quartz that looks extremely similar like a true marble. The veining on its surface marvelously imitates natural marble without compromising the durability of quartz.

With more than 180 colors and designs, Arkstone is one of Singapore’s leading brand for quartz and natural stone. Currently, it has over 20 varieties with many more coming in the pipeline. Arkstone is at the cutting edge of technology and trend. 

Among the many brands of quartz, Arkstone is one of the trusted premium brands of countertop surface that is used widely in both residential and commercial projects. Be it for kitchen tops, vanity tops, wall cladding, flooring and other interior surface applications.

While Arkstone is a new product, being a considerably economical option is one of the reasons why it is one of the top favorites for our clients. Constant testimonials from satisfied customer are the evidence of its quality and beauty, with designs so beautiful and varied that no dream is unreachable.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Kitchen Countertop Made With Arkstone Quartz (Image Via Google)

Arkstone gives you the best of both worlds, combining excellent durability and aesthetics like no other. This non-porous premium quartz surface is highly stain-resistant. With Arkstone Quartz, there is no concern about wine or juice leakage that stains your kitchen countertop. All you need is a simple wipe clean with a mix water and regular detergent.

Being resistant to heat simply means you can have a peace of mind baking and preparing food on your Arkstone quartz countertop. Moreover, its cleanliness is good because it has resistance to bacteria thanks to its non-porous nature.

In terms of maintenance, unlike marble, Arkstone quartz do not need any sealing, polishing or any other form of treatment. With Arkstone, you will have a beautiful kitchen without troublesome and expensive upkeep!

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Undisputed All-Rounder of Countertop

Arkstone quartz is a popular choice because its main selling point is its durability. It requires the lowest maintenance due to its resistance to various external factors.

Furthermore, Arkstone quartz surfaces are also wonderfully adaptable as it can be easily cut to fit nearly any space. With the tactile qualities of Arkstone, you have the flexibility of creating a wide range of shapes and designs.

In conclusion, it is not even an exaggeration to regard Arkstone quartz as the undisputed all-rounder of countertop. Its immensely elegant finish will never go out of style. We deeply believe that it is simply the perfect combination of luxury and strength for your countertop.

Feeling intrigued? Take a look at our wide-ranging collection and shop your favorite Arkstone quartz today!

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